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23 April 2024
2021, week 43

I started week 43 of 2021 with a COVID test before my operation later on in the week.

Week 43 of 2021.

Friday, October 22nd.

This morning I get up early, have a shower & then inject myself in the stomach with the Clexane drug I have been prescribed. I make a pot of tea & update my website whilst I wait for my friend Jim who is taking me to the hospital to have a COVID test before they operate on my hernia next Monday. The weather is terrible, heavy rain has been falling for a few hours & there are rivers of water going past my apartment, I wonder if Jim will be able to get me to the hospital.

Jim had managed to get through the rivers of water to pick me up & we slowly make our way through the rain to the motorway, as we leave Los Alcázares the rain stops & as we get to Cartagena it looks as if there has been no rain at all. Jim drops me off at the entrance & we arrange to meet in the hospital cafe. I find the correct entrance & after a short hold-up whilst I explain that my paperwork is already with them I have a short wait before getting my COVID test. It is not very pleasant but it certainly is not painful & I am soon allowed to leave. It all went so quickly that when I walk to the hospital cafe to meet Jim he is still drinking his hot coffee. I order one for myself & we both drink our coffee admiring the wildlife that seems to live in or around the hospital cafe.

After Jim & I leave we go to the Espacio Mediterraneo, a shopping centre in Cartagena. We have some time to kill before meeting friends for lunch in Los Alcázares, so we walk around watching the wildlife for a while. After conducting our Ornithological studies for a while, we leave to drive back to the Venta Simone restaurant in Los Alcázares, where we meet friends & have a menu of the day meal & a chat. I had calamari, other people in the group had various options including pork, fish & paella. All were good, the service was fantastic & the price was excellent at 10€ for the three-course menu.

This evening I watch the Arsenal v Aston Villa game on the television. For a change, Arsenal were excellent & won 3 - 1. I just wish they would play at the pace they played tonight in every game.

Saturday, October 23rd.

I get up early again today to inject myself in the stomach with the Clexane I was prescribed by the hospital. I then put a load of washing in the washing machine, load up the dishwasher & set it going & make a pot of tea before updating my website.

At 10 am my cleaner Lesley arrives to do her last clean before she goes back to England to start a new job. I shall miss her, she is very good and very trustworthy. When I come out of the hospital I will have to get a new cleaner to help me, especially when I first get out as I have been told I will not be able to do anything myself for 4 - 5 weeks, in case I hurt myself after the operation. Whilst Lesley is cleaning the apartment I pop around to Bar Espejo for a coffee & tostada before heading back before she finishes.

After Lesley leaves I find that I am very tired, I think maybe the running around to different hospital appointments, doctor´s appointments & Murcia for appointments, along with the stress of these appointments has finally caught up with me. I stick the television on & plant myself on the sofa to sleep, hopefully waking up before the football starts.

Sunday, October 24th.

Today was spent just reading & relaxing before I go into the hospital tomorrow for my hernia operation. 

Monday, October 25th.

I am nill by mouth today, meaning I can't eat all day before my operation this evening. I take a shower so I am nice & clean for the nurses. My friend Jim takes me to the hospital in Cartagena at about 12:30.

I am taken down for the operation at about 4 pm, I am taken to a small waiting room with other patients who are either waiting for or just returning from the theatre. When I go into the operating theatre I am given something to knock me out & an epidural to paralyse me from the chest down. As I began to come around after the operation all I feel is pins & needles in my toes as movement slowly returns to my body from my toes up. It is a very strange feeling & a bit worrying as I wasn't told this would happen beforehand. I am taken back to my room to sleep & recover from the operation.

Tuesday, October 26th.

I woke this morning & I am taken off the antibiotic drip, have some painkillers pumped into me & told that I can go home. I am very surprised at this as I have not seen a Dr since being operated on last night & not even had the wound looked at. I am given some appointments to come back to have the stitches out & have to ring a taxi to get me home.

Whilst at home I received some very sad news that my good friend Paul Hooper has passed away suddenly. My thoughts go out to his family.

Wednesday, October 27th.

After an uncomfortable night in bed, I arrange for some friends to come around to move some of my furniture at home. The bed I have in the spare room is similar to a hospital bed in that it can be adjusted whilst you are in it. It can bring your head up or feet up to get you more comfortable & has a massage function as well.

My friends Jim & Bob came to my apartment & moved my spare bed, into my lounge. This will allow me to get full bed rest whilst still being able to see the television & have a better view from the window whilst I am convalescing. 

The pain is quite bad & I have been told to take only 3 paracetamol a day, it doesn't seem a lot for the amount of pain I am in.

Thursday, October 28th.

 I woke up in a lot of pain, I will be on bed rest for quite a while.