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23 April 2024
2021, week 51 logo

Week 51 of 2021 started with another visit to the bank & yet again the bank's computer system was unable to give me access to my account.

Week 51 of 2021.

Friday, December 17th.

Today, I woke around 7:45 am, had a coffee, took a shower & afterwards, took a walk along the beachfront to   La Encarnacion to have breakfast before going to the bank. I have a coffee, tostada & orange juice whilst reading my Kindle. After breakfast, I walked around to Caixa Bank in plenty of time for my 10:30 appointment.

Caixa Bank had lots of people waiting inside for their appointments, but I was seen after only a short delay. The bank's computer system, however, seemed to have gone on holiday for Christmas relatively early & no one at the bank could get it to work again. Once again, for the second time in three days, I leave without my problem being solved. I am told by the lady that I have been seeing that she will send me a message on Monday morning if the bank's computer system is running correctly. I will then return to the bank so she can assist me. I have to say that my new account manager is very helpful & has done everything she can to help, but she is working with a system that has not been thoroughly tested before going live. It wouldn't have happened when I was testing computer systems.

This afternoon I cooked myself chicken with roast potatoes, peas & carrots, it tasted lovely & after taking advice from my old mate Pete King in the UK, I walked down to my local pub,   La Playa bar, for a few beers. I had a great night chatting with locals, meeting up with some people I hadn't seen for months & laughing at some of the more boisterous drinkers as they slipped further into oblivion. All in all, it was a great night.

Saturday, December 18th.

Today, for me, was all about football. Arsenal were playing away at Leeds United & after some good results at home this week, they needed to carry the momentum forward into today's game at Elland Road. I spent the morning sorting through some paperwork & listening to the list of games being played today shrink as they are cancelled due to COVID.

By the time the Leeds v Arsenal game kicks off this evening, it is the only game today that has avoided being postponed. Once again, Arsenal played really well & are deserved winners, they beat Leeds 1 - 4, with Leeds's only goal coming from the penalty spot. To celebrate I watch a film before watching the game again on MOTD. Arsenal's young players are playing really well together, all four of Arsenal's goals were scored by players under 21 years old.

Sunday, December 19th.

This morning, I put some clothes in the washing machine, had some porridge for breakfast, tidied my kitchen, and then went back to work on my computer, updating my website. 

This afternoon I watched the Newcastle v Manchester City football match on the TV. Manchester won 0 - 4 & stretched their lead at the top of the Premier League. After this game, I walked to La Playa bar to watch the Tottenham v Liverpool game on the TV whilst listening to Diana sing. The TV sound is off & I watch the game out of the corner of my eye. The final score was 2 - 2, a better result for Tottenham than for Liverpool, who also had a player sent off. How Harry Kane stayed on the pitch after a tackle that deserved a straight red is beyond me.

Diana's singing, as always, is very good & I had a great evening.

Monday, December 20th.

I am expecting a message from the bank today to tell me that I can go in & they will fix the problems with my online access to my account & the app on my phone that does not work. Alas, they do not call me & I still can not access my account online or use the app on my phone. I am glad I made sure I had enough money for the Christmas period.

At lunchtime, I go to meet my friend Martin for a drink. On the way I see my friend Mike, I stop for a chat & ask him to join us but he again makes his excuses & will not come with us for a Christmas drink. He is becoming more of a hermit than ever & uses his dog or his dogs very strict mealtime regime as an excuse not to go out, or to meet anyone. I hope you have a good Christmas Mike & I hope that next year you will be a bit more friendly & feel that you can come & join your friends for a drink every now & then.

After my weekly meeting with Martin at the office, I pop in to see my cousin Jill for a cup of tea. After a chat with her & her husband Peter I continue on to Mercadona where I get enough food shopping for the few days over Christmas & one of their cheeseburgers to eat straight away. I eat the burger as I head home after shopping. As I go down Rio Nalon, I see my friend Colin outside the Juniper bar, so I stop for a beer & a chat with him. We are chatting away when we are joined by our friends, Janice, Andy, Elaine & Sandy, my quick stop to say hello to Colin stretches to a couple of hours before I finally head home at around 7 pm.

Once home I have a small pizza for my tea before falling asleep whilst watching a dull film on the television.

Tuesday, December 21st.

I had a fitful sleep last night, waking every few hours before falling back to sleep. I get up around 7:45 am & get a coffee & sit at my computer to update my website. I have nothing planned today & unless the bank messages me to tell me they can help me, I will spend the day at home working on my website.

I meet my neighbour Liz for a coffee in the mid-morning. We go to El Delphin in Los Alc√°zares, it's a great little Spanish bar tucked away in the back streets. We walk back along the promenade & just after I get home I get a message from the bank telling me to go in tomorrow to sort out my account.

This evening I have meatballs for my tea & then watch Arsenal beat Sunderland 5 - 1 in the Carabo Cup quarter-finals. They field a team that has nine changes from the team that played at the weekend & includes some young players. It is great to see the Youngsters do so well with Eddie Nketiah scoring a hat trick & Charlie Patino scoring on his debut for the first time when coming on with just 10 minutes remaining.

Wednesday, December 22nd.

I am up early this morning getting ready for my appointment at the bank. I shower, shave, have a coffee, update my website then head off to the Caixa bank for my 10 am appointment. 

I get to the bank & this time it is not very busy. My account manager is actually outside helping my friend Keith & tells me to come in as soon as I am ready. When we sit down my account manager deletes the old internet account set up for me & sets a new one up, once again it does not work. This time the bank manager gets involved & the software is deleted from my phone, the internet account is deleted from their computer & they try to reinstall it all again. This time, after reinstalling everything, changing passwords & giving me a new login id, everything works. I can now log into the banks' internet system, review my account & make adjustments. 

I ask my account manager if I can make an appointment to go through the investments that I want to make & she tells me she doesn't have another appointment till 11:30 & that we can go through it now. With her help & a suggestion from the bank manager, I make three investments in 3 different types of bonds. One is a communication bond, linked to communication companies like Microsoft, Apple, MasterCard & Walt Disney. The second is a bond that is linked to medical companies like Bayer & Johnson & Johnson. The third is a bond that is linked to companies involved with Climate research & products.

With everything I needed doing at the bank done, I walk back to my apartment where I have a coffee & a small pizza for lunch. I then settle down on my sofa to watch a Christmas film on the TV & maybe have a nap.

This evening my friend Sheila picks me up in her car to go to have dinner with her & her husband Bernard. We have a lovely meal sit around discussing our different travels around the world, the state of British soap opera television shows & of course we talk about mince pies, one of which I am able to take home with me at the end of the evening when Bernard takes me home. Thank you both for the food & the company I will miss you when you have gone to New Zealand.

When I get home I watch the last few minutes of the football & the draw for the semi-finals of the Carabao Cup. Arsenal will play Liverpool & Tottenham will play Chelsea. Then, feeling very tired after all of today's excitement I go to bed for a well-deserved sleep.

Thursday, December 23rd.

After yesterday's excitement, walking to the bank, getting my account & investments sorted out, & all the good food at my friend's house, I slept in until after 9:30 am today. This is very unusual for me but I'm worth it. I get a coffee & then sit at my computer updating my website. It is a bit cold this morning & there are lots of clouds overhead, I don't intend to do much today.

Whilst sitting at my computer I see a post from a famous person telling me to message or check on friends over Christmas. Because of this I drag myself out & go to Los Narejos on my scooter to check on my friend Mike. I arrive at his local cafe & get a coffee & say hello & wish him a happy Christmas. After finishing my coffee I head back home to my apartment. When I get home I have another coffee & a chicken burger sandwich for my lunch.

This evening I walk to La Playa bar & spend the night drinking, chatting & laughing with the regulars in the bar.