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24 April 2024
June Reddan & Alan Morris in Campbells bar in Roda.

The week started off slowly, I did a lot of work on my website whilst feeling a little under the weather. The weekend was a blur of late deliveries, great meals, great golf & crazy football, I need to recover now ready for next week.

Week 14 of 2023.

Monday, 3rd April.

I got up early this morning & pottered around on my computer for a while, I wasn't feeling brilliant though & sat down on the sofa with a cold drink to watch the news at about 10 am. The next thing I knew it was midday & I had woken myself up with my snoring. I got up collected my keys from their hook & went down to the garage. I jumped on my disability scooter & went to meet my friend Martin at Pizzeria La Sombre.

I arrived late for work at about 12: 30 pm, but Martin let me off. As it was I didn't feel much like work & got myself a bottle of water instead. We sat there talking for about an hour, & we were joined by Dave, Viv, Aria, Kate & Sean. I still wasn't feeling brilliant so I finished my bottle of water, excused myself & went straight home. When I got home I parked my disability scooter in the garage & removed the battery from my electric bike, taking the battery upstairs to my apartment to plug it in to charge.

I must have dropped off to sleep fairly quickly when I got in & didn't wake until late afternoon. I noticed I had quite a few ulcers in my mouth which usually signals that I am a little under the weather. I got myself something to eat & after eating it, immediately fell asleep again until around 9 pm. When I woke up I watched the Everton v Tottenham football match before going to bed.

Tuesday, 4th April.

I slept quite well last night but the ulcers in my mouth were sore when I woke up. I decided not to go out, & to take it easy today. I watched a little television & again fell asleep waking around 2 pm. When I woke I went to get something light to eat & realised I had no butter for my sandwich. I took my now-charged bike battery down to the garage & fitted it back onto my electrically assisted bike & then went to the Dia shop around the corner on my disability scooter. I got some butter & then went straight home for my sandwich.

Once I had eaten, I again fell asleep not waking until around 7 pm. I was still hungry but not wanting to eat too much I just had some cereal before returning to the sofa to watch tonight's Chelsea v Liverpool football match. The match was quite good even though it finished 0-0 & I went to bed as soon as it finished.

After an hour or so of sleep, I woke up & unable to get back to sleep I got up & went on my computer for an hour or so until I become drowsy & then went back to bed at about 2 am.

Wednesday, 5th April.

This morning I woke up around 9 am, I felt a little better & the ulcers in my mouth were slowly going. I hope that whatever has been making me feel under the weather the last few days is on its way & that I will soon get my energy back.

I work on my website for a while but make it offline for anyone but me for a few hours to allow me to work on it. After a couple of hours of work, I need to get some fresh air & I take a bin full of recyclable coffee capsules to the Mercadonna store, to put in their recycle bin. Whilst there I get some milk, fruit & a couple of rolls.

I return home & have a cheese & egg burger for lunch, & then continue working on my website. At about 4:30 pm, I decide to have one more go at returning some trousers to Amazon. The trousers have been packed up waiting for the delivery company to collect them since early February & still no one has collected them. I contact Amazon and manage to speak to a person not a machine & within 10 minutes the lady I was speaking with, arranged for them to be returned via Correos & issued a refund. I am glad I tried again as I was beginning to think I had lost my money & been stuck with a pair of trousers that I will never wear.

After getting a new television & having it on a table in the lounge I have decided to get it wall mounted so I select a mount that is suitable & order it. I am hoping that mounting the television on the wall will allow me to move my computer into the lounge as well, this will give me more room to manoeuvre furniture in my spare room.

Thursday, 7th April.

Today is the start of the Master's golf tournament in Augusta Georgia, this means only one thing, I will be glued to the television until it finishes. I love the Masters & it is on my bucket list to visit the Augusta National golf course one day.

I get a bit of shopping to last me until after the Easter weekend & then spend the day working on my website & picking four golfers for my Fantasy Golf Team at the Masters. I spend all night watching the golf & I am really happy to see that my amateur pick, Sam Bennet is doing really well.

Friday, 8th April.

I again work on my website in the morning. I have realised what the problem with the navigation system was & have started to correct the problem.

I watch the Masters golf again but tonight the match is suspended due to lightning in the area. The players that haven't finished round two will have to play tomorrow before round three can begin. I look to see how my players have scored in the Fantasy Golf competition & realise that when I set my team up I entered the wrong player on my side. Instead of picking the amateur player Sam Benett, I picked the professional player Sam Burns. Unfortunately for me, Sam Benett is also scoring better than Sam Burns, oh well at least I hadn't put a bet on this year, something I do normally do.

Saturday, 9th April.

Today I got Peggy going, vacuuming the house for me before working on my website all day.

Annoyingly, Amazon sent me an email at about 5 pm to tell me the delivery I was expecting today, wouldn't be arriving until tomorrow because of unavoidable problems. I don't care about their problems I want my TV mounting bracket, I have arranged for it to be fitted next Monday.

For food today, I have a special treat, my friend Martin had given me some soups for my freezer. I took the Thai soup out of the freezer, cooked some sausages & added them to the base soup. It turned out fantastic & I eat four bowls of it throughout the day.

Once again the Master's golf is interrupted due to lightning & very heavy rain in Augusta. this does allow me to work more on my website & I work until around 2 am, Sunday morning.

Sunday, 10th April.

I woke up around 8 am today, got a coffee & continued the work I was doing on my website. I design new headers for a lot of the Journal section of my website & add the images whilst I change the navigation system.

I clear my kitchen up midmorning, before getting ready to go out to lunch with my friend June. On my way out, I saw the delivery driver from Amazon, he sprinted past me, jumped in his van & drove off. In case he returns I ask my neighbour Liz to keep an eye out for him while I am out.

June picks me up at 12:45 pm to go to Campbell's restaurant in Roda for Sunday lunch. As always we have a great meal but unlike we normally do, instead of sitting around & having a chat, I have to get home & hope I haven't missed my delivery from Amazon. When June drops me off at 2 pm I knock to let Liz know that I am back & she tells me the Amazon driver did return as soon as I left, but she caught him & has my parcel. I gratefully take my parcel from her & return with it to my apartment.

In the evening I sat & watched the Liverpool v Arsenal football match. Arsenal went into a 0-2 lead & was playing well. Just before the first half ended, Liverpool pulled a goal back, & in the second half, they were a much better team. With 20 minutes to go, I could no longer watch & turned the channel over to the golf. I flicked between channels every now & then to check the score & sure enough, Liverpool equalised before the end of the game & it finished 2-2. Before the game, I would have been happy with a draw, when Arsenal were 0-2 up I thought they would score a lot more, at the final whistle Arsenal were hanging on & I was ecstatic with the draw. This season is going to go all the way to the last game of the season, please Arsenal, win all your games from here to the end of the season.

Tonight I watched the end of the Master's golf until the early hours of the morning to see Jon Rahm win the competition. It was nice to see a European win the competition & even better because Jon Rahm is from my new home country, Spain. Well played Jon it was a great performance. It was sad to see how much my favourite golfer, Tiger Woods injuries have taken out of him. He was struggling to even walk at times. I hope that he recovers quickly & as much as I hate to say it maybe for his health's sake, he should now retire.