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12 April 2024
Alan Morris & Cindy Blyth at La Olah bar in Los Narejos.

This week I decided that after a few weeks of starting to swim a bit more, I would try to step up the distance I was swimming & to try to go swimming every morning. I will note down how far I manage to swim each day from now on.

Week 26 of 2023.

Monday, 26th June.

I woke up around 7:00 am today. I had a coffee & then went down to the Mar Menor to feed the fish & go for my swim. I finished my swim & returned to my apartment earlier than normal because I was going to take my friend Jackie's laptop computer to her. Cindy was still asleep when I left at around 10:15 so I didn't see her before I left. I arrived at Jackie's at around 10:25 & we sat talking for a while while I explained what I had done.

Jackie then explained that she seemed to be getting lots of junk email so I had a look at it so I could explain how to block the junk mail. It turned out that the thing generating the most junk email was actually Jackies Facebook account. She had unknowingly joined lots of Facebook groups & allowed all of them to message her about absolutely everything. I began to alter this for her but as it was such a big job on such a slow laptop we arranged for me to finish doing it next week on my computer at my home. This would be a lot quicker & would also allow me to show her how to do it herself & give me time to write up a guide on how to do it so that she could refer back to it. I finished working with Jackie & went on to see my friend Martin at LaSombre pizzeria.

I sat with Martin, his daughter Aria & wife Kate until about 2 pm & then went back to my apartment. When I got home, Cindy was out at the beach getting some sun. I made myself a chicken roll & left some chicken & a roll out for Cindy for when she returned from the beach.

This evening was quiet, I watched the television, looking for transfer news for Arsenal & chatted with Cindy.

swimming icon400 m

Tuesday, 27th February.

I woke up around 7:30 am today. I had a coffee & then went for a swim in the Mar Menor. The water was quite calm when I started but the sailing school was training some youngsters in different types of kayaks & canoes & the wake the small speed boats caused made swimming difficult. When the instructors saw me swimming they moved a bit further offshore but the wake of the boats still produced some waves on the normally flat water.

I finished my swim & went back indoors at around 9:30 am. Cindy was on the balcony & we decided to go for a walk & to get a coffee after I had changed. We walked along the promenade to Rio Nalon & went to Punto y Coma for a coffee & a tostada. After we left the cafe, we went to the bank at the end of the road, so that Cindy could get some money.

Unfortunately for Cindy, the bank would not give her any money for some reason. She thought it might be the bank's ATM & said that she knew the bank near the church near my home worked with her card. So she wouldn't get lost I walked with her towards the church near me, but I told her I didn't think there was a bank near the church close to me. As we approached the church I was getting puffed out so we sat at a cafe & had a bottle of water whilst I got my breath back. Whilst we sat there I checked with my friend June, what time we would be going out this evening for a meal at The Wok 222 Buffet, she said she would pick us up at 8 pm.

After talking to Cindy about the bank she wanted to go to I realised she meant a bank down in Los Alcazares where there is another church. We set off & walked the rest of the way into Los Alcazares to the bank Cindy thought she remembered. After she looked outside for the ATM & couldn't find it, I pointed out that it was inside the bank & she went inside. Luckily for Cindy, this ATM worked & she was able to draw some money out. We then walked back along the beachfront towards La Playa bar to get a drink but found it closed, so we continued towards my apartment.

When we got back to the apartment I was puffing like a steam train, after walking to the cafe for breakfast & then walking around looking for an ATM we walked around 6.5 km. I rested up on the sofa & took a painkiller because my knee was aching whilst Cindy went down to the beach to get some sun.

At 8 pm this evening, June picked us up & we went to the Wok 222 buffet in Los Narejos. Unfortunately for me after taking my first bite of food my Acid Reflux went into overdrive & I had pains in my jest & had to walk it off outside. When I returned June & Cindy were enjoying their meal & I was able to finish my small plate of food before getting a bowl of soup & then a second plate of food. The food was all very good & I will come back very soon. Next time though I will bring my glasses as I kept walking past what I was looking for. It would be nice if the foods were all labelled on the glass serving bain-maries so that people knew what each item was before taking it.

When we left the restaurant we went to La Olah bar for a drink. The girl there was very overworked as she was the only one working when we arrived. She got herself in a bit of a muddle taking our order. We asked for a glass of wine for myself & June & a small beer for Cindy. She seemed to have forgotten our order as she was a long time returning with our drinks & when she did, June got a glass of wine, Cindy got a pint of beer, not a small beer & I didn't get a drink at all. She disappeared serving other tables and it was about another 15 minutes before she remembered to come back with my glass of wine.

We sat talking until around 11:15 pm. When we left, June dropped Cindy & me back at my apartment. I wasn't quite ready for bed & got a shandy & sat in my balcony garden, Cindy joined me for a beer & we talked until around 12:30 am before I left Cindy on the balcony & went to bed. 

swimming icon1200 m

Wednesday, 28th June.

I woke up around 7 am & checked my messages on my computer before going for my morning swim at around 8 am. I swam for around an hour & went back to my apartment & got a coffee at about 9:15 am. Cindy must have heard me moving around the apartment & poked her head around the door of her room to tell me that she would be staying in her room today as she really didn't feel well. I hoped she recovered soon as she hasn't got much of her holiday remaining.

I checked online to see if Arsenal had signed any new players yet & had a coffee. At 10: 30 am I walked along the beachfront to go to Punto y Coma for breakfast but when I got there it was closed. I turned around & walked back along the beach & went to Buena Vista Restaurant for my breakfast. I sat watching the world go by whilst I had my breakfast & then walked back to my apartment.

I sat at my computer & did some family tree research until around 2:30 pm. Cindy still hadn't surfaced so I walked around to the D´Pollo takeaway restaurant around the corner from me. I got myself lamb shoulder with potato for my dinner, which only cost €5.50, & walked back to my apartment. Unfortunately for me as soon as I tasted the meal, my acid reflux came back with a vengeance again. I was only able to eat a little of it before I had to stop & save it for later.

Around 3 pm Cindy went out for a walk, I hope she managed to enjoy herself more than I did this afternoon. Not long after she left the acid reflux started up again & I was soon coughing stomach acid up into a bowl, this continued for a few hours before it subsided & I managed to fall asleep for half an hour. Unsurprisingly when I woke up I felt hungry but this time the acid reflux didn't start up when I ate the rest of my lunch. In the afternoon I was asked by some friends if I wanted to go to a charity event at Campbell's bar, my friend Alan was performing & could pick me up. I didn't feel going out whilst still feeling a bit rough was a good idea & had to decline the kind invitation.

Around 5 pm a delivery driver arrived with the last two shirts that I ordered about a month ago. I am pleased with all of the shirts but very displeased that the four shirts came in three different packages & arrived on three different days.

Later in the evening, I was able to eat some cheese & biscuits & I felt a little better. Once I felt better & realised that I wouldn't be throwing up any tablets that I took, I swallowed an Omeprazole for my acid reflux & then took the other tablets I have to take after my evening meal.

This evening I had a Lightroom training session booked online. It was based in America so it didn't go live until 10 pm, as it started Cindy returned from her walk. She didn't disturb me & went to bed to allow me to finish my training & concentrate on what I was doing. It was very interesting & helped me understand some of Lightroom's new capabilities. I will soon start my photography hobby again & then I can start to teach myself new Lightroom tricks.

I took my last tablets at around 11:30 pm & went to bed. I hoped I would fall asleep quickly & wake up feeling a lot better.

swimming icon1200 m

Thursday, 29th June.

I woke up today at around 7:45 am, quite late for me, & immediately went down to the Mar Menor for a swim. My arms seemed to be a bit heavy this morning & not wanting to push myself too much after feeling unwell yesterday I just swam out to the rock & back once before going back to my apartment for a shower.

After I had had a shower & made myself look even more handsome than normal I had some muesli with soy milk. I know, soy milk, it doesn't taste too bad but is supposed to be better for my cholesterol levels than normal milk. After trying both almond & soy milk this week I think I will go with almond milk, I prefer the taste just a little bit over soy milk.

By 10 am Cindy had still not woken up & I decided to go for a walk along the beach before it got too hot. I walked along to see if my friend Vince wanted to get a coffee. We went to La Favorita Gastro Café in Los Alcazares & sat chatting for an hour or so before moving on to Club Nautica where we sat chatting & had a small beer.

At around 1 pm Vince went back to his apartment & I walked back along the beach to my apartment. When I got in I was puffed out & sopping wet from sweating so much in the very humid mid-day sun. As I got in Cindy was preparing to go out & waited whilst I had a quick cold shower & a change of shirt. We then walked along to Rio Nalon to go to Rocco's bar. When we got there we were both very hot & both ordered a bottle of water. We sat talking to a few other customers who were there & mid afternoon I walked along to Perlitas bar for a drink & to see my friends Kate & Joe.

I was joined by my friend Colin & after finishing up our beer we went back to Rocco´s bar to see Cindy. Colin didn't stop for long & after a short time, Cindy & I walked to the Hotel Costa Narejos for a drink. The early happy hour has finished here now & we went there just so we could sit inside in a comfortable air-conditioned bar. The cold air conditioning soon revived us & after having a Gin & Tonic there we walked back up Rio Nalon & stopped outside the 19th Hole pub. We sat & had a Pina Colada before moving on to Perlitas bar & then onto Rocco's bar again. We sat outside Roccos chatting & drinking beer until gone 1 am & then walked home along the beach.

When we got home we got a cold beer from the fridge & went out to my balcony & sat chatting till about 4:30 am when we both eventually went to bed. 

swimming icon400 m

Friday, 30th June.

I got up at around 8 am but it was very windy outside & the waves on the Mar Menor were quite big & I decided not to go for a swim. I got myself a coffee & some cereal & sat at my computer. After all the walking yesterday, my leg was a little swollen & my knee ached a lot this morning so I decided to have a quiet day indoors with my feet up.

At around 3 pm Cindy surfaced & went for a walk along the beach. I sat looking for any news on Arsenal signing any new players. It was announced that they have signed Kai Havertz from Chelsea & are very close to signing Declan Rice from West Ham & Jurriën Timber from Ajax. It is looking as if they are beginning to build a squad that could challenge on all fronts again next year.

Cindy got back at about 10 pm from her walk & a short time later I took another painkiller because my knee was still aching before going to bed early.

Saturday, 1st July.

I woke at around 7:30 am & got myself a drink before sitting down at my computer to check my messages. I sent my sister Karen the obligatory ´Pinch &  Punch for the 1st of the month´ message & then went down to the Mar Menor for my swim at about 8 am.

There were hundreds of small jellyfish in the water this morning, it looks as if another lot of young jellyfish must have hatched recently. I managed to avoid colliding with most of them, but these ones are all harmless anyway. After overdoing it on Thursday my legs still ache a bit so I only do one lap to the rocks & back before returning back to my apartment & taking a shower.

At around 10:30 I go to the local shop to buy a French stick & some almond milk. When I get back I get myself & Cindy a bacon roll & then sit working on my website for a while. At around midday, I realise I have not got any mango tea left & go to the Mercadona store to get some. It is absolutely packed when I get there, I don't walk around, I drive straight in on my disability scooter get the bottles of mango tea, pay for them & return home.

When I get home I check Cindy in at the airport, print off her boarding pass for her & confirm what time June will pick her up tomorrow to take her back to Murcia airport.

My knee was still aching this evening & I took a painkiller & binged watched a TV series called Zoo. It is quite entertaining & very thought-provoking.

I went to bed at around midnight but had to close my bedroom window because of all the noise outside. My Spanish neighbours arrived from their homes in Madrid & Murcia, bringing lots of noise & unruly children with them. They like to sit up until the early hours of the morning shouting at each other. 

swimming icon400 m

Sunday, 2nd July.

Last night's painkiller seemed to help, I slept well & woke up relatively pain-free this morning at around 7 am. I got myself some cereal & a coffee, took this morning's pills & sat at my computer. I didn't go for a swim this morning because Cindy is catching her flight back to the UK this morning. Cindy was up & all packed at around 7:45 am & at 8 am I phoned June to check she was up, at her request, to take Cindy to the airport at 9 am.

June arrived at 9 am & we set off for Corvera Airport to drop Cindy off. We dropped Cindy off a the airport & June dropped me at my apartment before going home to get ready to go out for lunch at Campbell's later. I sat at home & started to do some genealogy research for my family tree & found my great grandmother, Maria Harris Read on the 1921 census. I added the details I found to her details on my website & then began adding the same census details to the other members of her family on it.

June picked me up at about 12:45 pm & we went to Campbells for dinner. We had our regular lunch, mine was roast lamb & June had roast chicken. Sitting at the table next to us were my friends Vince & Jan with their daughter Charlotte & we chatted briefly as we ate dinner. My Acid reflux was playing up a little bit but I did manage to eat my dinner this week, even if it did take me some time to do so.

After we finished dinner June took me home & after a short nap I sat down at my computer again to carry on my family tree research. Whilst doing so I had a message from my cousin Geoff, telling me that his sister Janet had died this week. It was quite a surprise as we only exchanged jokes & messages on Facebook a few days ago. RIP Janet.

At around 1:30 am I took a cold shower before going to bed. Cooling my body tempearture down before I go to bed does seem to help me drop off to sleep easier.