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24 April 2024
Alan Morris sat in La Playa bar in Los Alcazares.

This week was a quiet week. Lots of my time was spent fighting off the cold I have but I did get out on Friday & had a few beers in a local bar.

Week 3 of 2023.

Monday, 16th January.

I woke up feeling a bit better this morning, the Frenadol I am taking for the cold I have, seems to be working. I slept very well, I normally sleep around 6 hours but slept for 10 hours last night. This morning I clean my kitchen up, work on my website & potter around the apartment.

At lunchtime, a friend pops in to pick up the old television set that I have donated to a friend of his. I hope he makes good use of it. The rest of the day is spent working on my website.

Tuesday, 17th January.

I went to get a few groceries this morning at Economy cash & afterwards met my friend Martin for a coffee at Cafe Parking before moving to a Cafe I haven't been to before, Punto y Coma, for another coffee. After chatting with Martin for a while & getting cold I went back to my apartment & put the heating on.

Whilst at home I was again contacted by the DWP in England & was able to answer their questions. I spent the rest of the day working on my website. I am spending so much time on my website at the moment Im beginning to spin silk out of my backside.

Wednesday, 18th January.

Today was spent entirely indoors working on my website, staying warm & making a beautiful chicken & vegetable soup. The soup was so thick it was more like a stew. I made enough to have a large serving for my dinner & freeze four others.

I had another call from the DWP today but wasn't able to answer all their questions until I speak to my bank tomorrow. 

Thursday, 19th January.

I woke up around 8 am today & had a coffee before going to the bank to speak to my account manager. My appointment was at 10 am, I got there at 9:45 am & was seen at 10:30 am. Somehow appointment times at banks in Spain don't work the same way as in the rest of the world. After making an appointment & arriving early I still have to wait to see someone.

I soon had the paperwork I needed sorted out & also managed to sort out insurance coverage for my cruise in February. On my way home, I went to the pharmacy to get some more Frenadol. I ask for some more & at the same time I ask for more Sintrom tablets, the tablets used to prevent my blood from coagulating & forming clots in my veins. The lady hands me both & asks if they are both for me, I tell her they are & she walks off to see another pharmacist. When she returns she tells me that I can't take both at the same time & has given me an alternative to the Frenadol. Instead of taking the Frenadol drink twice a day, she replaced it with tablets. I have to take two tablets three times a day, it is a good job I have a tablet organiser & dispenser as I would never remember to take all my different tablets at different times each day without it.

When I get home I make myself a pot of Jasmine green tea with peach, I add a teaspoon of honey & then sit down at my computer to work on my website again.

Friday, 20th January.

I spent the morning working on my website but by the afternoon my eyes are becoming sore from too much time spent at the computer this week. I decide to go out for a beer & walk down to La Playa bar. I spent the afternoon & evening in the pub chatting with friends. I had planned to get a Chinese meal on my way home but after a few beers & a few shots of different liquids I just wanted to sleep & when my friend Shellie dropped me off at home I fell asleep on the sofa watching television. When I woke up at around 3 am it was too late for food & I went to bed.

Saturday, 21st January.

When I woke up this morning I decided to give my eyes a rest & not to work on my computer all day. I spent all day watching various football matches on the television, none of which were very good. This evening I watched a few episodes of a Jamie Theakston documentary, Forbidden History, before going to bed early.

Sunday, 22nd January.

I woke up around 7 am today & got myself a coffee before sitting down at my computer. My eyes are not so sore today & yesterday's day off from using the computer was worth it.

I did watch some of the Man City game on television today to see Haaland get his hat trick but I was really waiting for the biggest game of Arsenals season so far. I was not disappointed, Arsenal beat Manchester United 3-2 in a fantastic game that was nail-biting with both teams looking good. Eddie Nketiah scored a winner for Arsenal in the last minute of the game & sent the ground into a rapturous celebration & that included me watching from home, under a blanket in my apartment.

I enjoyed the Arsenal game so much I stayed awake long enough to watch the highlights again on MOTD before going to bed.