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19 July 2024
Alan Morris sitting in his massage chair, in his apartment.

During week 14 of 2024, apart from meeting Martin on Monday and getting my reading glasses repaired for nothing, the highlight of my week was watching the two Arsenal games.

2024, week 14.

Monday, 1st April.

I woke up early this morning, and because I was still fasting for a couple of hours, I made a ginger tea with lemon and sat down at my computer to publish last week's blog on my website. After publishing my blog, I realised I could check in for my upcoming cruise. I went onto the NCL website and checked in for my holiday. I must say that NCL seems much more organised than any other cruise lines I have been with recently.

After checking in for my cruise, I got myself a coffee and an omelette for breakfast. After breakfast, I sat in my massage chair for a twenty-minute lower back pain massage. After my massage, I took some rubbish to the bin, and on the off chance that they might be open, I jumped on my disability scooter and went to the opticians to get my reading glasses repaired. The opticians weren't open, so I continued to the pharmacy. The pharmacy was also closed. I shouldn't have been surprised as it was a bank holiday, but they were the only shops shut. Even a beautician was open, with many ladies getting their nails done. On the way home, I went along the beach, it was much nicer in the sun than the last couple of days. Just by my apartment, I briefly chatted with my friend Andy before parking my disability scooter outside my apartment and going in.

When I returned to my apartment, I cleared up some plant rubbish from my balcony, put it in a bag and then took it to another bin on my way to meet Martin at La Sombre. Dave and Sean joined us, and we sat talking, and time flew by today. Later on, we were joined by Mike, who was trying to sell his e-bike. Mike left first, and Dave and Sean left next. Martin and I continued chatting and left at about 3:30 pm. 

As I went down Rio Nalon, I saw my friend Andy sitting at Rocco's bar, and I sat down with him and his friends to do the quiz. I was getting hungry and ordered a lamb tagine for my dinner. While it tasted fantastic, my tagine seemed to have more bone than meat. The waitress asked if it was okay, and I told her about the bone and showed her the discarded bones I had put on another plate. A short time later, she brought out some more lamb for me, and I was happy that, as well as it tasting great, I had now had a nice bit of lamb.

We didn't do very well on the quiz; we were in a three-way tie for last place, but we had a good afternoon, and when the quiz had finished, I returned to my apartment. After getting home, I sat and watched the TV for a while before putting my pyjamas on. When I sat on my bed to get in my pyjamas, I fell asleep, waking up around 9 p.m. I stayed where I was and quickly fell asleep again as I was comfortable. Unfortunately, because I had gone to sleep so early, I kept waking up every hour or so throughout the night.

7 hours, 55 minutes.      2447 steps.    0 metres.

Tuesday, 2nd April.

I woke up early this morning. I kept trying to get back to sleep, but by about 5:30 am, I gave up and got up. I got myself an herbal tea and sat at my computer to check for messages. The tickets and information for my cruise had all come through, and I downloaded them and saved them to my computer.

At 10 am, I walked along to the Buena Vista restaurant with my neighbour Liz and got a coffee. I didn't feel too good while we sat there, and I had to have a painkiller. I had a pain in my shoulder, and my knee ached a lot. We sat talking for a while, and just before we left, Mick arrived with his mum, Sheila. I paid for mine & Liz's coffee and Mick and Sheilas' drinks to thank him for hanging my washing line last week.

As we walked home and approached the apartment, some Guardia Civil were talking to builders outside. They turned toward us, but as we approached the apartment, they turned away again. I went back to my apartment, took a painkiller and sat in my massage chair. A mix of the painkiller and the early morning soon made me fall asleep, and I spent the day falling asleep and waking up again.

This evening, I watched some of the Premier League football games, and after taking another painkiller, I went to bed at 11 p.m.

11 hours, 9 minutes.    3036 steps.    0 metres.

Wednesday, 3rd April.

I woke up around 7:30 am today. It was too early for me to have anything to eat, as I was fasting until about 8:45 am  I got myself some water and logged onto my computer to index some of my web pages on Google. At around 10 am Liz sent me a message asking if I wanted to go to Carrefour with her. I said I would like to go but had to go to the pharmacy and opticians first. She was happy to go later and said she would wait until I returned.

I went down to the garage, got on my disability scooter, and went towards the optician, where I bought my glasses last year. On my way, I saw my neighbours Richard and Val and stopped to talk to them for a while. We talked about the cruise they had been on last year and my upcoming cruise to Hawaii and Alaska, before the conversation got round to something that happened at the apartment yesterday.

The Guardia Civil talking to the builders had only been a small part of something else happening in the property that the builders were working on opposite our apartments yesterday. Richard and Vals´ apartment overlooks the building work, and they said that first, police arrived, then the fire brigade, followed by the Guardia Civil, who cordoned off the road. Then, an ambulance arrived before a lady in black appeared, crying. The police, fire brigade and ambulance left the Guardia Civil there. Another ambulance arrived, and a body was removed from the building in a body bag and taken away by the ambulance. As of today, they knew no more about what had happened yesterday.

When I eventually arrived at the optician´s, I showed the broken glasses to the optician and asked if they could be repaired. He took a look and said he could repair them if I wanted to leave them with him. I asked when they would be ready, and he said later. Because I didn't know how long I would be with Liz, I explained to him that I was going out and said I could pick them up tomorrow. He told me he would have them ready if I returned in 20 minutes. I didn't think he would have them ready but said okay.

As I left, I saw my friend Claire outside the optician, and we talked about all things Arsenal for a while before I went to the pharmacy. I bought some Sintrom and Omeprazole and then went back to the opticians. As I walked in, he offered me a seat, and I waited for another few minutes. He brought over my fully repaired glasses and asked me to try them on. They were fine, and he had polished them as well. When I asked him for my bill, he said there was no charge and wished me a good day. It is so lovely to see a business that offers old-fashioned service to customers. He may not have made any money from me today, but not for the first time; he had guaranteed that I would continue using his services and recommend his shop, Parra Optical, to others.

When I returned to my apartment, I put my tablets away and took some books to Liz for either her or Sheila to read. Liz took the books and drove us to Dos Mares in San Javier to Carrefour. I like to shop in Carrefour they have an excellent selection of meat, fish and vegetables. I got everything I needed apart from some milk, which I forgot, and we went home.

For my lunch, I had a ready meal of meatballs, potato and gravy I had purchased in Carrefour. I had a fright when I had eaten it and checked the calories because it said that I had consumed enough calories for the whole day in the small meal. I felt better after rereading it and realising I had mistaken a 1 for a 7 and that the calories contained were in line with what I wanted to eat. This afternoon, I worked on my laptop, updating some older pages on my website before watching the Arsenal vs Luton football match this evening.

Arsenal put out a changed team and rested a few players. I was nervous that it would backfire. Arsenal did win 2-0 and went back above Liverpool at the top of the Premier League. They didn't run away with the game, but a few players with limited game time this year got a good run out, and Emile Smith Rowe was outstanding, winning the Man of the Match award. Manchester City also won, beating Aston Villa and staying within a few points of Arsenal. It will be a good end of the season with everything still to play for. 

  7 hours, 31 minutes.    4660 steps.    0 metres.

Thursday, 4th April.

I woke up just before my alarm went off at 7:30 am today. I drank a glass of water while checking my computer for messages. I had an email from the people delivering my new watch strap saying it would arrive between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. After my fast had finished just before 9 am I got some porridge with walnuts, raisins, a banana and blueberries. It tasted delicious and is one of my favourite breakfasts.

I went along to Buena Vista at 11 am with Liz. We talked until around 12:45 p.m. and then returned to the apartments. I could see many people on the beach, all arriving for my friend Rick´s 75th birthday Party, but I couldn't go until my delivery arrived. Once home, I worked on my website for hours, hoping my delivery would arrive.

At 6:30 p.m., the delivery driver phoned to say he was outside, he didn't bother to ring the doorbell, which annoyed me. I walked downstairs and discovered him sitting around the corner in his van, lazy bastard. I collected my parcel, and as I returned to my apartment, I could see that the party on the beach was closing down as people were heading away with tables and other equipment under their arms. I returned to my apartment and checked that the watch strap I had been delivered was what I wanted. It was just what I wanted, and I fitted it to my Fitbit watch.

While watching TV in the evening, I had a voice message from my neighbour Liz. She had found out what the police, ambulance and Guardia Civil were all outside for on Wednesday. One apartment opposite my building had been robbed, and that is why the police were there first of all. The Guardia Civil were there with the ambulance and body bag later in the day because one of the neighbours, who used an apartment opposite my building as a second home, had committed suicide by hanging himself in his apartment. It is always very sad when someone takes their own life, and no one can say why the person may have done it and understand their actions, but I hope I will be there for any of my friends who feel upset and need someone to talk to.

I watched some of the Liverpool vs Sheffield United game on TV tonight. I was hoping that Sheffield would pull off a miracle and get a good result against Liverpool, but they didn't and lost 3-1, allowing Liverpool to return to the top of the Premier League.

7 hours, 25 minutes.    3361 steps.    0 metres.

Friday, 5th April.

I woke about 7:45 am today and got up to cancel the trial of the Omo app on my phone. I liked the trial, but it won´t be helpful while I am on an all-you-can-eat-and-drink cruise for three weeks.  After cancelling the app subscription, I got myself some breakfast. I had two muffins with avocado and fried egg. It is a surprisingly lovely breakfast, and I will have it again.

After finishing my breakfast, I went to see my neighbours Richard and Val as I believed they knew the man who had committed suicide, and I wanted to tell them in case they bumped into his wife and said something without knowing about it. I sat with them for about half an hour before returning to my apartment for a drink.

I was about to get a coffee and got a message from my friend Jayne, who has been here for a few days, asking me to meet her and Diane at Boochies restaurant for coffee. I messaged them back and said I would meet them, and then got on my disability scooter and went to meet them. When I got to Boochies, I joined Jayne, Diane, Jacquie and Paul and ordered a coffee. They had all ordered breakfast, and none of them was very impressed with what they got and had to send them back or get them changed. After looking at their meals, I wouldn't return to Boochies for breakfast, I much prefer what I have at Buena Vista.

When we had all finished, we all went on our separate ways, and I went to Economy Cash to get a couple of groceries. After getting the things I needed, I headed back to my apartment. When I got home, I put my groceries away and ate lunch. I then had twenty winks before I turned the TV on and looked for a film to watch.

The film I decided to watch was an old one that most people would have heard of. I had heard of it but never seen it, so I sat and watched The Best Little Whore House in Texas. It starred Dolly Parton, one of my favourite singers, and Burt Reynolds. It was hilarious and sad and had lots of songs I liked. What I didn't realise was that it was based on a real Whore House in Texas outside La Grange called the Chicken Ranch.

This evening, I connected some Bluetooth earbuds to my laptop to use them onboard the cruise ship without annoying other people with the noise. I decided to play a game on my laptop and lost track of time. I went to bed at about 11:30 p.m.

  7 hours, 44 minutes.      2235 steps.    0 metres.

Saturday, 6th April.

When I woke this morning, I stripped the linen off my bed and put it in the washing machine. I noticed my washing line hanging on the floor when I entered my spare room. There hadn't been a lot of weight on it, but the whole thing had been pulled from the wall. I will have to find better rawl plugs and reattach it.

I got myself a ginger lemon tea and some porridge with walnuts, peanuts, blueberries, and banana. It tasted great and filled a small hole in my stomach. I then entered more of my website pages into Google Index before walking to the pharmacy to take some tablet sleeves for recycling. When I arrived at the pharmacy, it was closed, so I kept walking to La Playa bar to have a drink, sit in the sun and read my Kindle. I ordered a coffee, sat inside by the window, opened my Kindle, and started reading. 

Unfortunately, the coffee wasn't very good, but I thought I would get a pint and continue reading as I was comfortable. Alas, before I had ordered a pint, the power on my Kindle ran out, and I couldn't read anymore. With no Kindle to read and no other people in the bar to talk to, I didn't order a pint and instead walked home. Once home, I sat in my massage chair, had a massage and started internet surfing before today's football started.

I watched the Brighton vs Arsenal game, hoping that Arsenal could get a win against a Brighton team that hadn't lost at home for a long time. I needn't have worried. Arsenal won 3-0 and were in total control for the entire game. They went back to the top of the Premier League, leapfrogging Liverpool, who play their game tomorrow. 

  7 hours, 13 minutes.    2170 steps.    0 metres.

Sunday, 7th April.

I woke up around 7:45 am and got myself a coffee before sitting in my massage chair and having a couple of twenty-minute massages. Once I had finished the massages, I got myself some porridge with walnuts, peanuts and blueberries. I indexed more of my website pages on Google and then started playing a computer game.

Playing the computer game early in the day was a mistake. I lost track of time and didn't realise how late it was till around 2:30 p.m. I stopped playing the game and got some steak and chips for dinner. The steak was supposed to be a good one, but it was a bit tough. I will revert to buying the cheaper steaks next time I want one. The previous ones were much better tasting and better value for money.

This evening, I watched the Manchester United vs Liverpool game. I sat cheering Manchester United on and was delighted when, at the end of a great game, the score finished 2-2. It wasn't the Manchester United win I had hoped for, but it did mean that Arsenal would stay top of the Premier League. With only seven games left each, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City are only separated by 1 point. Arsenal have a very good goal difference, so as long as they keep winning their remaining games, they can win the Premier League for the first time in twenty years.

6 hours, 37 minutes.    1652 steps.    0 metres.

I didn't do much this week. I spent most of the week indoors. I will take it easy before I cruise in a couple of weeks to ensure I am ready to explore Hawaii and Alaska while away.

Weekly totals:  55 hours, 34 minutes.    19561 steps.     0 metres.      Daily average:  7 hours, 56 minutes.    2794 steps.    0 metres.