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12 April 2024
2022, week 49

Most of this week was spent quietly at home but I was led astray at the end of the week by my friends Stuart & Graham who forced me to have one too many glasses of shandy.

Week 49 of 2022.

Monday, 5th December.

Today I woke around 7:45 am, I got a coffee & sat at my computer working for 1½ hours or so before getting ready to go out to get some shopping. My friend George came to pick me up at 10 am & took me first to Mercadona & then to Consum to get some shopping. I got nearly everything I wanted, & everything I needed before he dropped me at home. I unpacked my shopping, had another coffee & then got on my disability scooter to go to meet my friend Martin.

I met Martin at La Sombre Pizzeria where we spent a couple of hours chatting. Because of the tablets, I am currently taking, I could not join him in enjoying a pint but I did have a particularly nice bottle of still water. After we had put the world to rights, Martin picked his daughter Aria up & I headed home. The battery on my disability scooter has for some time been getting worse & is no longer holding a charge. Today I was lucky to get home on it as the battery died as I drove my scooter into the garage. When I left home it had a full charge & after doing around 6 km it was now empty. I am going to have to find a battery online somehow & another friend has said he will help me fit it as the company that was going to service & fit a new battery has let me down twice.

When I got in I made some chicken fingers in a spicy panko covering & ate them before I watched the Brazil v Japan football match. Brazil were brilliant, they won the game 4 - 1. Japan tried very hard & never stopped but they were just not at the same level as Brazil who could & maybe should have won the game by a much larger margin.

This evening I got confirmation of the tickets that I purchased yesterday, for a Simply Red concert in Murcia next year. I have also booked a night in a hotel there so that I can go to Murcia by bus in the morning, spend a day looking around, go to the concert at night & stay close by overnight. I can then get a bus home again the following day.

Tuesday, 12th December.

I got up around 7:30 am, & got myself a coffee & sat at my computer typing up one of   my memories for my website. Mid-morning I got a bacon & egg roll for breakfast & then carried on working on my notes. I noticed that my knees had started aching again this morning & I am hoping that it is only due to the wet, cold weather today. They do seem to act like an inclement weather warning before I actually see what the weather is like outside.

I had intended to go to a charity fete in Los Narejos & see Father Christmas this morning, but after checking the bus timetables I find that the local bus doesn't run on Sundays, Tuesdays or Thursdays. I can't believe this is permanent & hope it is only because there are a couple of local Spanish holidays this week. I will look again next week, if my disability scooter hasn't got a new battery by next Monday I will have to use the bus service when I go to meet Martin for our weekly business meeting.

I settle down at home for a full day at the computer, I have quite a few images that I have to work on for the   Genealogy section of my website. The day flew past today, I break for a cup of tea & look at the time & it is gone 5 pm. I switch off the computer & spend the rest of the evening watching football or Police Interceptors on the television. I can not understand how criminals get off some of these crimes. The police have video evidence of chasing someone for miles, catching them, searching them & finding them in possession of stolen goods & drugs. The police then carry out drink & drug tests which are generally failed & arrest the people. At the end of the video, we are told that no charges were brought in court or that they got off. The police risk their lives against these scum bags & they get away with their crimes. It must be very demoralising for the police to arrest someone & for them to be out committing crimes the following week.

Before I go to bed, I log onto the George at Asda website. There is a direct website that you can order UK sizes from in Spain, whilst paying in Euros. Because I have been feeling the cold more I order myself 3 new sets of pyjamas which I hope will be here in the next week or so. Buying clothes in Spain is difficult for the larger gentleman, most of the stuff here will fit everywhere but around my calves or thighs. I even wonder if Spanish men have legs as I can't get my legs through the holes for the feet in most of the trousers I see for sale in Spain. I finish my shopping & go to bed at around 11 pm.

Wednesday, 7th December.

I woke at around 6:30 am today & after trying, but being unable to get back to sleep, I turn on the heat in my apartment, get a coffee & when I have finished it, I take a shower.  After my shower, I have some cornflakes & another coffee before I continue to add photos to the genealogy section of my website.

At around 10:40 I take a break from my computer & walk down to the chiringuito just to get some fresh air for a short time. I have a cappuccino before heading back to my apartment to carry on working. Once again I lose track of time & stop work at about 5 pm to get myself some dinner. Tonight I make a mild chicken curry with basmati rice. It is very nice & luckily there is enough left for tomorrow.

There is no football tonight & I watch Police Interceptors on the television before switching over to watch the film Titanic. After   my cruise last month I am struck by how small the Titanic was compared to today's huge Ocean going liners. It would have been dwarfed by the Costa Toscana that I cruised the Mediterranean on.

Thursday, 8th December.

I didn't wake until around 7:50 am today. This is not surprising after not going to bed until after the film finished at about 1:45 am this morning. I get a coffee & sit & have a foot massage before taking a shower & then getting some cereal for breakfast. After breakfast, I continue to work on my website until my friend Bob comes to help me find out which batteries I need for my disability scooter. It really is annoying that I can't do some of the basic things that I used to be able to do. Because of my poor eyesight, I can't even see how to find the battery compartment on my scooter. I am lucky to have some good friends that are willing to help me.

After discovering which batteries I need for my disability scooter I send emails to three companies for a quote for them I think they will cost around €400. It is a lot of money for two batteries but the ones that are on the scooter at the moment are the original batteries & I have had the scooter for over 3 years & I am lucky that it hasn't cost me anything else to keep it going. It is my only transport & I do need to get the batteries.

Whilst at home Bob messages me & asks if I would like to go to the   San Juan bar for lunch with him & his wife Connie. He comes to pick me up just after & we all go to the bar on the beach for something to eat. Toasted bacon sandwiches & coffees are ordered & devoured before we continue on to Lidl to get some shopping.

This afternoon I continue working on my computer until I go to bed at around 10:30 pm.

Friday, 9th December.

As soon as I got up this morning, I got my coffee & sat down to work on my website. Memories of a couple of my   celebrity encounters had come back to me, so I start to write these down before I forget them. I am also remembering more of my travel adventures & start to write some notes about the memories before they fade. I do have to check with some of the people who came with me on the travels that I had got dates & places in the correct order. I used to go to America two or three times a year & some of my memories merge into others & I need to check my memories are correct before I write them down & post them to my website.

I can't get two things out of my mind this morning, one is the size of the Titanic cruise ship compared to the ship I went on a few months ago, & the other is my desire to one day go to Casablanca. As if it read my mind the Internet shows me an advert for a cruise that calls into both Tangier & Casablanca in Morocco. After reading about the cruise & looking at several different websites with different prices I decide to book the cruise. I book the cruise direct with MSC & I now have something to look forward to next year.

I had intended to go for a pint this evening. I am beginning to forget what it's like to be in the company of other people. The temperature dropped & it started to rain so I stayed at home in the warm instead. I spend a few hours looking at things to do on next year's cruise & go to bed at about 10:30 pm.

Saturday, 10th December.

Once again as soon as I woke this morning I got my coffee & sat down at my computer to work. I do seem to have a lot more energy to do anything in the mornings & I like to get things done before my enthusiasm disappears for the day.

After working on my computer all morning I decided to go out in the afternoon. I thought my friend Kate was singing Christmas Carols with one of the local ladies' groups today & decide to go & listen to them. I take some rubbish to the bins & walk to Rio Nalon & the bars where the ladies will be singing. As I get to Rocco´s bar I see my friend Colin & sit down to have a chat with him & to see how he is doing. After chatting with Colin for a while he heads off home & I head down to Perlitas bar where the ladies are going to be singing.

When I arrive at Perlitas bar I see my friends Bernard & Christine & I sit with them to listen to the singing. I can't see Kate at all so I message her to see where she is & discover I have got her singing group mixed up with another group & that she won't be appearing there at all. I do stay & listen to the ladies who are singing but both Bernard & I get told off for talking too much whilst the ladies are singing, sorry ladies.

After the ladies finish singing I walk down to Harry's bar & join two more friends, Stuart & Graham, for a pint, a chat & to watch some of today's football. After not having had a drink for a while it started to take effect on me & I don't remember much about the football & after the game finishes Stuart & Graham drag me kicking & screaming to The Celt bar to watch the England football game. After one pint I decide it is better if I head home & walk back to my apartment.

When I get back to my apartment I sit down in front of the television & pull a blanket over me to keep the cold at bay. The next thing I know it is about 3 am & I have woken up on the sofa. I am comfortable & warm so I turn over underneath the blanket & go back to sleep.

Sunday, 11th December.

After waking up for the second time today, I got myself a coffee & search all the channels for a replay of the England v France game. Although I remember the score of the game, France beat England 2 - 1, I don't remember much about the game itself, it was either too much beer or the cold weather that affected my memory of the game, I am leaning on the side of too much beer but you can never be too sure. I watch the highlights of the game & I think England were unlucky to lose & unlucky to have a referee that was totally incompetent. The game is over & England lost but I think with the experience they have had the younger players will form the basis of a great team going forward. I hope that whoever the England manager will be going forward, they will concentrate on the younger players & replace some of the older players in the squad.

This afternoon I discover a TV show called   The Peripheral on amazon Prime & I can't stop watching it. I end up binge-watching it until about 2 am when I eventually go to bed.