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29 May 2024
Alan Morris, on deck on the Costa Favolosa.

Today was our second day crossing the Atlantic Ocean towards Brazil.

Atlantic Crossing Day 2. 

I woke around 7 am this morning & after having a shower I took my Kindle & went to the pool on deck 9 at the back of the ship. I sat on a reclining chair next to the pool before getting myself a coffee. I sat reading my Kindle until around 8 am when the pool opened & I went for a swim & afterwards got myself another coffee & sat by the pool reading my Kindle until around 9:30 am.

At 10 am I joined Gail & we both went to the spa for what was supposed to be a seminar on using algae to soothe muscles & aid pain. It ended up being a 5-minute sales pitch for us to buy the algae & to pay for some treatments that they offered. I was also told that because my leg had open wounds on it they could not offer me any treatment anyway. It had been a complete waste of time & I left feeling very disappointed that they hadn't even given us much information about the treatments.

At lunchtime, I sat alone at a table right by the door to the restaurant entrance. It was a horrible place to sit & I didn't sit there again. For lunch, I had a tomato stuffed with tuna for my starter followed by spaghetti with clams. For my main meal, I had lamb chops, which were terrible & I didn't eat them all because of the fat & gristle on them. As I looked at the bones, gristle & fat on the plate I thought of Rosa as she is vegan, & I was glad she hadn't seen the meal I left on my plate. The dessert was probably the best part of the meal, it was a white chocolate cheesecake.

After dinner, I went back to my cabin for a siesta. After my siesta, I decided I would go to the gym & use the cycle machine. Rosa had told me the best time to go was early afternoon as it was quieter then. I knew the gym was near the Spa on deck 10 so I went to look for it. As I approached the spa I saw a muscle-bound man turn through a doorway & I assumed he must be going to the gym so I followed him through the door. The door led through to a quiet private bar & then out to the deck of the ship. I went onto the deck & then spent around an hour walking around the ship looking for the gym. I went up & down different sets of stairs looking for it but never found it.

After I walked past a netball court I walked down a flight of stairs & found a jacuzzi near a flume ride. I gave up looking for the gym & sat in the jacuzzi to read my Kindle instead. I was soon joined by a man from Germany & we sat talking for a while until I left to go back to the pool at the back of the ship on deck 9. I got myself a pint & sat reading my Kindle until around 3 pm when I went back to my cabin for a shower.

At 3:45 pm I went to the Palatino Grand bar for a quiz. It was based on Hangman & was hilarious. As the compere drew the dashes for the word or words & before they even gave a clue someone would run across the stage to sit in the chair you had to be in to answer & give the answer. There were five or six games & in all but one of the games the answer was given by the first person to the chair before a clue was ever given.

At 4:30 pm, part two of the trivia game that had begun yesterday started. I again joined Mal, Keith & Regina but once again Mal´s competitive drive, lack of knowledge & the fact that he ignored everybody else when writing answers down spoiled the quiz for me. 

After the quiz, I took my Kindle through to the piano bar & got myself a pint. I sat reading & listening to music until 7 pm when I walked to the restaurant for dinner. Ann, Mal, Rosa, Keith, Regina & myself were tonight joined by Darrel who had joined the ship in Tenerife. Mals' eyes jumped out of his head & he obviously fancied Darrel. We all sat chatting over dinner & introduced ourselves to our new dinner companion. For my dinner, I had tomato soup, grilled beef with chips for my main meal & a banana & caramel cake for my dessert.

When I left the restaurant I got a pint before joining Gail, Dwight & Tess for the ´Sapori d´Italia´show in the theatre. The show was terrible, it was supposed to show off Italian art but there seemed to be no link between the different acts. The dancers pranced around in different costumes which didn't seem to have any link to the art they were showing off & distracted me from the very good singer.

After the show, I went to the Moliere lounge for a drink & to listen to the band. I was joined by Ann & Rosa & we sat chatting until the show finished. During the show, I told Rosa about my attempt to find the gym this morning. I don't think she believed I had been but she did explain where I had gone wrong. When I had followed the muscular man I should have gone in the complete opposite direction. I guess he must have been leaving the gym not going to it.

After the show, Rosa went back to her cabin & Ann & I went through to the disco & sat chatting whilst we watched the people dancing until around 2 am.

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