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23 July 2024
Alan Morris sat in a jacuzzi onboard the Costa Favolosa.

Today was our fifth day crossing the Atlantic Ocean on board the Costa Favolosa & the day we sailed across the equator.

Sailing the Atlantic & crossing the equator.

Today I woke a bit later than normal, at around 8 am. I had a shower & went to get something to eat in the buffet restaurant on deck 9. I had a full English or as close to it as you can onboard a cruise ship. Sausage links, crispy bacon (which I think is terrible), baked beans, cheese, ham, fried potatoes & a fried egg, all washed down by a tropical fruit juice.

After breakfast, I sat around the pool reading my Kindle until about 11:45 am. The ship was due to cross the equator sometime around 12:15 pm so I walked to deck 10 & found an empty jacuzzi that looked out across the back of the ship to the sea. I climbed in the jacuzzi where I stayed whilst the ship crossed the equator. I was disappointed that no announcements were made over the tannoy telling us as we went over the equator but there was a pool party in the main pool on deck 9.

Once the ship had crossed the equator I sat on a recliner & read my Kindle for a while before going back to the buffet at around 1:30 pm & had a salad with some grilled fish for my lunch. I spent the rest of the afternoon around the pool at the back of the boat until around 3:30 pm when I went back to my cabin for a shower before going to the quiz at 4:30 pm.

I was joined at the quiz by Gail, Mal, Dwight & Tessa. Once again we didn't stop laughing & I enjoyed attempting the quiz whilst drinking several cocktails. When the quiz finished I sat chatting with my friends for a while before they went back to their cabins. I went to the piano bar & sat listening to the music, drinking some more cocktails & reading my Kindle until dinner time.

At 7 pm I went down to dinner & had seared prawns, ravioli stuffed with ricotta & mint, for my main I had pork with roast potatoes & vegetables & for my dessert I had a Brazilian-style roulade with dulce de leche.

After dinner, I went to meet Gail, Dwight & Tessa to watch the show. When I got there a lady was sitting at the end of the row so I moved past her & sat at a seat & a table next to her with Gail, Dwight & Tessa. She immediately started complaining that I was too close to her & that she was sitting at her table & saving a seat for someone. I told her that I would only use my table & that she could still have the seat as I wasn't at her table. She continued to argue with me & I told her she could have the table I was at as well & I left & went back to the quiet bar at the back of the ship. There is a small chance that I may not have been that polite though.

When I got to the bar I met Marcus & we sat chatting & had a few cocktails & beers. I jokingly messaged Ann & Rosa telling them I had been thrown out of the show for fighting & a short time later they joined me & Marcus in the bar wanting to know what happened. I told them about the woman but then told them I had just left & that there had been no fight. We sat talking & were soon joined by Gail & Dwight. Gail & Dwight then told me that after I left the lady who I had argued with, had also left. Her expected friend, a man, had arrived & when she told him she had saved him a seat, he told her he was sitting with some friends & walked straight past her & sat with some other people. After her date had refused her invitation she got up & left the show as well.

We all sat chatting & my companions all left one at a time until it was just myself & Ann. We sat drinking until around 1:30 am & then we left & went back to our cabins. When I got back to my cabin I found that a printed certificate had been placed on my bed to say that I had sailed across the equator. I thought that was quite nice & would be nice to keep, but in reality it will probably just be stuck in a drawer & forgotten when I get home.

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