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21 July 2024
Savona, Italy.

On day 3 of my cruise around the Mediterranean, the ship docked early morning at the Port of Savona. I had initially booked a half-day tour around Genoa, but Costa Cruises cancelled the day trip, and I spent the day onboard the ship instead.

Port of Savona, Italy.

I slept well last night and woke up around 8:15 am today. The cruise I had booked to tour Genoa today had been cancelled by Costa Cruises because there were not enough people wanting to do it. Because of this, I decided to spend the day onboard the Costa Toscana. I looked through my veranda window and saw we were already docked in Savona, Italy. I walked onto the veranda to admire the view before going for breakfast.

I went to a buffet restaurant and ordered a cheese, ham and pepper omelette, which was cooked in front of me. Once again, it was hectic and finding a table was difficult. I ate my omelette, which was delicious, and then went looking for some orange juice.

Because of my swollen leg, I was walking quite slowly, and one of the waiters approached me and asked if I needed any help. I asked him where the orange juice was and he showed me to a table by the window overlooking Savona. He told me to sit, and he would bring me some orange juice. He soon returned with my juice and asked if he could get me anything else. So as not to seem rude I asked him for sausages, bacon and fried egg. He asked if I wanted anything else and suggested some pancakes. I soon ate freshly made pancakes with chocolate sauce and drank fresh orange juice. As I finished, the waiter appeared, as if by magic, with a plate of bacon, sausage and perfectly fried egg.

Once I had had my fill, I returned to my room to fetch my Tablet. Looking for somewhere quiet to sit and work on my holiday blog notes, I eventually went to deck 16 and the pool area. Outside the pool area, there is a covered area with loungers. I settled into a lounger and ordered a cappuccino from a waiter. I began to type my notes up and ordered an iced coffee a short while later. It wasn't horrible, but neither was it good. As the area got noisier with more people arriving, I moved to the Colosseum bar on deck six and had a peach iced tea. This area soon got crowded and loud, so I moved again to the Kartell cafe on deck 8 by the Colosseum bar area. I sat admiring a large group of very well-dressed Italian ladies, ordered a pint, and continued writing my notes.

At around 2 pm, I found a restaurant to have lunch in. I sat down and was immediately given some water and white wine. I scanned the card on the table to bring up the lunch menu on my phone. As I tried to decide which of the starters to choose from, the waiter brought me all of them. A plate of ham, salami, cheese, olives, carrots, artichoke and white cabbage. A second plate of devilled eggs on a bed of lettuce and tomato and a third of thinly sliced roast pork with lettuce. I did manage to eat it all and got another wine.

As I sat reading the menu, I was given a bowl of pasta and bolognese sauce. I ate this, but before I could choose which of the main dishes I wanted, the waiter brought me all of them. I had 6 large prawns, 2 onion omelettes, and 3 chicken thighs in a tomato and onion sauce with roasted potatoes. Once again, with the help of more wine, I managed to eat everything. I then had some watermelon and a very lovely date pie. It was now time to try and get away before I was given more food. I almost made it but was given another piece of pie before I managed to leave.

I went back to my room for a rest. The view of Savona was beautiful as night came, and the city lights lit the city up. After a shower, I sat on my balcony for a while before heading off to meet Bryan, Sue, Michael and Lynda for dinner. I was still full from lunch and didn't have anything to eat. While they ate dinner, I drank more white wine and a beer while we all talked about what we had been doing. We all agree the worst thing about the cruise is the hundreds of unsupervised, unruly kids running everywhere.

This evening, I worked through different cocktails, a Bahama Mamma, Mai Tai, white Russian and several beers while watching some of the acts on board. I listened to a saxophonist in the Leanardo bar. He was excellent. I then went to the Colosseum bar to watch the all-girl group Ultramarine do a Madonna set. This show was also outstanding.

Video showing the ship's entertainers doing a tribute to Madonna.

I went to bed at about 1:30 am.

My photos from onboard Costa Toscana.