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23 July 2024
Xi´an City welcome.

After breakfast, the coach transferred us to the airport for our flight to Xi'an. I was surprised to discover that although the plane we were flying on, internally was smaller than the plane we flew to China, it had more legroom.

Xi'an City.

The flight was uneventful & we were met by a new local guide when we arrived in Xi´an. We had a large lunch with many different dishes served on a Lazy Susan at the airport before getting on a coach that transferred us from the airport to the City of Xi´an. 

Xi'an City Walls.

We arrived in Xi'an & were met at the walls by a welcoming party. Our way was barred by a closed gate & soldiers until we were invited in & were welcomed by the emperor, the empress, dancers & an acrobat. The show was very good, especially the girl who did acrobatics. It was amazing how she could throw herself over whilst spinning a hat on her feet. We were then given the freedom of the city & presented with a gold key symbolising the freedom of the city we were granted.

Photos of the Xian City Welcome.

After we watched the show, we had our photo taken with the characters in the show & were then invited to climb the tower & view the city from the top of it. It was quite strange to see the old part of the city & the new tower blocks built on the other side, towering over the wall.

In the evening, we were taken to see a show in one of Xi´an shopping centres. The show displayed different moving videos on the ceiling of the centre. From there, we were taken to the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda & watched a colourful musical fountain display. 

Photos of Xian City.

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