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12 April 2024
Alan Morris in the Olympic Park, Atlanta.

I went to Atlanta, Georgia as part of my Southern States tour in 2012. As well as looking at many of the large homes in Atlanta, we also visited the CNN Centre and the Martin Luther King Memorial Visitor Centre.

Atlanta, Georgia.

The CNN centre in Atlanta was a bit disappointing as we couldn't get to see any of the television side of the company and the only part we visited was a big food court with lots of different small restaurants selling lots of different types of food.

Martin Luther King Memorial Visitor Centre.

I did enjoy walking around here and learning about the great man. Being of an age when I didn't know anything about what he did, I found it very interesting. Indeed the most challenging thing I had to do was to explain to some of the older people on the tour why I didn't know much about him. As I was only 1 year old at the time of his assassination, it's not surprising that I don't remember it.

I enjoyed the memorial garden, where we saw an eternal flame burning and his burial site. It was very peaceful and a lovely tribute to him and the work he began.

Centennial Olympic Park.

I loved this park, it must be a great place for a packed lunch if you work in Downton Atlanta. The Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games built the park as part of the Centennial 1996 Summer Olympics infrastructure improvements. It plays host to millions of visitors a year and several events, including a summer popular music concert series and an annual Independence Day concert and a fireworks display.

A vital feature of the park is the Fountain of Rings interactive fountain. It has computer-controlled lights and jets of water synchronised with music played from speakers in light towers surrounding it. It forms a splash pad designed for children to play in and for concert-goers and joggers to cool off on hot summer days.

There is also a lovely bronze of Pierre de Coubertin in the Park. He is looked upon as the father of the modern Olympic games.