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21 April 2024
Alans Journal for week 41, 2021

I started week 41 of 2021 slowly & ended up in a mad rush to get hospital appointments.

Week 41 of 2021.

Friday, October 8th.

This morning I got up late & then spent the whole morning working on my computer. In the afternoon I sat reading my kindle on my balcony until it became too hot then I went inside to read.

When I saw the James Bond film last week I saw an advert for a film called, ´Venom, Carnage´ which looked quite good. Tonight I found the original film ´Venom´ on television and watched it. I did enjoy it & have to say for a Marvel character action film there were also a few moments that made me chuckle in it as well. I will now strive to see the latest film at the cinema.

Saturday, October 9th.

Today I woke at about 8 am & updated my website before having porridge with a banana for my breakfast & then going for a walk along the promenade. I think I walked a bit too far, I did around 5 km & was puffing like a steam train when I got back.

I popped in to see my neighbour Elizabeth for a cup of tea before going back to my apartment where I spent the rest of the day with my feet up watching films.

Sunday, October 10th.

After getting up this morning I cooked myself a full English breakfast before going to the chiringuito for a coffee. I sat there reading my kindle until my neighbour Elizabeth arrived to take me shopping in Carrefour in Cartagena.  I had a look in Primark but as normal couldn't find anything that would fit me. The jeans in Spain all seem to have very thin thighs & calves on them which make it impossible for me to find a pair that will comfortably go over my tree trunk legs. I was able to get a few items that I wanted in Carrefour before we drove back home

This afternoon I once again watched the Arsenal lady's football team on television & once again they won, this time beating Everton 3 - 0. After the game, I walked down to La Playa bar to listen to Diana singing. She is a great singer & I had a great night with friends, Emma & Gina, your dancing exploits were hilarious, there was laughing all night & a good night was had by all.

Monday, October 11th.

This morning I was up quite late & just lazed around at home until going to meet my friend Martin for a few beers at La Sombre bar. We were joined by his wife, daughter & sister & stayed till just before 3 pm when we all left. On my way home I passed by my friends Bernard & Sheila's home. They were sitting in the garden & I joined them & their friend, Shelia, for several cups of tea. The cinnamon tea was very pleasant. 

After leaving them I went home via the Hong Kong restaurant where I got myself a takeaway. I got way too much food & will have reheated Chinese for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, October 12th.

Caldero day, but there will again be no celebrations on the beach again this year. There are restaurants around town offering menus for the celebration but none of the normal festivities is being allowed again due to COVID restrictions.

Because I have a hospital appointment tomorrow & because my leg is aching I decide to have a restful day again. I stay home all day reading & watching films. In the evening I watch the England v Hungary football match. It wasn't England's greatest performance but at least England didn't lose, which at one point looked likely. The game finished England 1, Hungary 1 & I think Hungary will feel more disappointed with the result than England. After the game, I went straight to bed to get a good night's rest.

Wednesday, October 13th.

This morning I woke early had a shower & then jumped on my disability scooter to go to the bank. After getting some money I stopped off at one of the nearby shops that sell some SOS Mar Menor items. I managed to find a nice polo shirt that cost only 10 €. I then went to La Encarnacion for my breakfast, coffee, tostada & orange juice.

After breakfast, I went along the beachfront back to the chiringuito by my apartment. I stopped for a coffee & a chat with Andrew before going back to my apartment. I emptied my dishwasher because I had forgotten to empty it after it finished a couple of days ago, then quickly tidied the kitchen before settling down on my computer for a few hours.

At around 3:45 pm my translator, Lesley, picked me up to take me to the hospital in Cartagena. We arrived on time & only had a short wait before seeing the laparoscopist. He inspected my hernia & said that as it was so large they would operate quite quickly. It is not giving me a lot of pain but it could strangulate which would then give me big problems. He told me that I would have to have blood tests before seeing the anaesthetist & that after seeing him I would need to have a test for COVID before having the operation. He offered me two dates for the operation, one in October & one in November, I chose the October date.

Lesley took me to the receptionist & appointments were made to see the anaesthetist on the 19th of October, have a COVID test on the 22nd of October & for me to go in for the operation on the 25th of October. I was told to have the blood tests locally to where I live but to take the results to the anaesthetist.

When we left the hospital we stopped at a small cafe around the corner, had a coffee, ate a couple of empanadas & got a few more to take home. Lesley dropped me back at home & then went home to sort out a clash of appointments caused by these hospital dates. 

Thursday, October 14th.

Lesley messaged me early this morning after rearranging the appointment to change my residency for the new TIE card.  She has managed to get the appointment for Monday next week after I have been to the hospital to speak to the anaesthetist. She also sends me the document that I have to take to the bank to pay for the TIE card fee.

I have a pot of camomile tea & then head off to the bank to pay the fee for the TIE card. There is already a queue of people in the bank & I take my place in it behind an English couple who I talk to whilst waiting our turn. It is noticeable in the bank that the restrictions on people allowed inside have been eased a bit as there are more people inside than I have seen for a while. After finally seeing the lady at the till she kindly takes my 12€, stamps the paperwork & I can now go to ASSSA, my health insurance company, to hand in the medical paperwork that needs to be approved before Monday.

My scooter has not got enough charge left to get me to the ASSSA office & back, but my neighbour Elizabeth, kindly tells me she will take me in her car. We are soon heading to the office but when I get there I realise that in my haste I left the paperwork in my apartment & we have to go back home, collect it & then return again to the ASSSA office. Elizabeth takes me home, I pick up the paperwork & I am soon back in the insurance company office. The lady in the ASSSA office, Sofia, is very helpful, she sorts through my paperwork, takes copies, sends it all off & even makes me an appointment for my blood tests tomorrow at my local Doctors surgery.

After leaving the office I find Elizabeth & we sit down at Cafe Prensa for a coffee before heading home. It was a rather hectic morning but I am glad I got everything sorted out.

This evening I watch the Arsenal ladies play Hoffenheim ladies in the women's version of the champions league. Arsenal won 4 - 0 but the match was closer than the score suggests as Hoffenheim were very good, Arsenal's finishing was just much better. After the game, I go to bed as I have to be up early tomorrow for my blood tests.