Every person has four grandparents. These people are my four grandparents.


Llewelyn Morris (1911-1969) was my grandfather, he died when I was still only two years old & I am sorry to say I have no memory of him at all. I have also heard Llewelyn refered to by other people, by two other names, Llew, a shortened version of his real name & Jack. I can find no reason for him to have been called Jack.

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Doris Irene Daniels (1916-1967) was my grandmother, she died two weeks before I was born & I am sorry to say I never knew her at all, I do however have a few ghost stories about Doris & I, that my parents swore were true.

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Albert Alberici (1901-1989) was my grandfather but for most of the time that I knew him he was know as Albert Clark. He had Italian ancestry but he, his brother & sister all decided to anglicize their names after their parents had passed away. They all had their names changed by deed pole.

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Marie Elizabeth Jones (1907-1988) was my grandmother & I have lots of memories of her. As a child my sister & I lived with Marie & Albert for around 6 months whilst my father Brian was looking for a family home near Portsmouth.

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