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Albert Alberici aka Albert Clark.

Albert Alberici.

Albert Alberici was my Grandfather but for most of the time that I knew him, he was known as Albert Clark. He had Italian ancestry & decided to anglicise his name by changing it by deed poll in 1922 from Alberici to Clark.

Albert Alberici was born on 28 February 1901, at the family home at 29 Vittoria Street, Barnsbury, London, England. His mother, Florence Featherstone registered his birth in March 1901. His father Anthony Alberici, according to Alberts's birth certificate, was an Organ builder.

Albert was baptised on 15 March 1901 at St Silas Church in Pentonville, London, England.

Baptism record for Albert AlbericiSt Silas Church, Pentonville, London, England

On March 6th 1922 Albert had his name changed by deed poll from Albert Alberici to Albert Clark.

Wedding of Albert Clark & Marie Elizabeth Jones.

Albert Clark got married to Marie Elizabeth Jones at the Parish Church of St Stephens in Bow, London, England. They got married on June 30th 1934. The wedding certificate shows that Albert was living at 4 Copenhagen Street, Islington, London, England. His profession was entered as an Ashphalter & his father Anthony, was also an Ashphalter.

The two witnesses on the wedding certificate were Frank Clark, Albert's brother & Lillian Jones, Marie's sister.

St Stephens Church, Bow, London, England.

Children of Albert Alberici & Marie Elizabeth Jones.

  1. Anthony Clark. 1936-2017.
  2. Jean Clark. 1939-2014.
  3. Paul Clark. 1943.

Census Records for Albert.

I have been able to find Albert on the 1901 & 1911 Census & the 1939 Register.

1901 Census taken 31 March.

This census shows the extended family all living together at 29 Vittoria Street.

Name.Relation to Head.Age.M/S/W.Occupation.Birthplace.
Arthur Featherstone. Head. 28. M. Xylonite polisher. Islington, London, England.
Susan Featherstone. Wife. 28. M.   Clerkenwell, London, England.
Charles Featherstone.  Son.   9.     Clerkenwell, London, England. 
Kate Featherstone.  Daughter.  3.     Islington, London, England.
 Arthur Featherstone. Son.  4 months.     Islington, London, England.
Mary Ann Savage. Mother in Law. 64. W.   Clerkenwell, London, England. 
Anthony Alberici. Head. 23. M. Organ builder. Clerkenwell, London, England.
Florence Alberici. Wife. 23. M.   Islington, London, England.
Frank Alberici. Son. 4.     Islington, London, England.
Albert Alberici. Son. 1 month.     Islington, London, England.
Fanny Featherstone. Mother in Law. 67. W.   St Pancras, London, England.
Charles Featherstone. Brother in Law. 41. S. General labourer. St Pancras, London, England.

1911 Census taken 2 April.

This census shows the family living at 48 Barnsbury Road.

Name.Relation to Head.Age.M/S/W.Occupation.Birthplace.
Anthony Alberici. Head. 36. M. Cylinder Pinner. Clerkenwell, London, England.
Florence Alberici. Wife. 33. M.   Islington, London, England.
Frank Alberici. Son. 14. S. Schoolboy. Islington, London, England.
Albert Alberici. Son. 10. S. Schoolboy. Islington, London, England.
Kate Alberici. Daughter. 5. S.   Clerkenwell, London, England.

1939 Register taken 29 September.

This census shows the family living at 20 Union Road.

Albert Clark. M. M. Asphalt spreader.
Marie E Clark. M. M.