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19 July 2024
Rachel Hunter & Rod Stewart.

When I lived in Orlando I went to see Rod Stewart at the Orlando arena & I spent the evening with his wife Rachel Hunter.

Rachel Hunter.

The bus taking me downtown was late & I had to hurry to get into the theatre to see the start of the show. As I ran in & asked which way to go, the person who looked at my ticket told me to take the corridor to the left & walk to the end of the corridor, he told me the block numbers were above the stairways leading to the seats. I walked down the corridor looking for my block number, I found the number but there was no one to check my ticket so I walked up the stairs to where I thought my seat was.

When I got to the top of the stairs I was amazed to see I was level with & immediately above the stage. I also noticed that apart from one lady there was no one else seated there. I looked for someone to check my ticket & there was no one there. Checking all the seat numbers I passed, I walked down to the front & asked the beautiful lady who sat there if I was in the right seating area & showed her my ticket. She said yes it is, you are next to me & made room so I could sit down. She was English & we soon started talking, she asked me if I was on holiday or lived in Orlando. I told her I lived in Orlando & asked her if she lived there, she replied she was only there for one night before moving on somewhere else. Throughout the show no one else came up to the section of the theatre we were in, we had the entire upstairs level to ourselves whilst downstairs was packed, it looked like we were royalty, sat in the Royal Box for a variety performance.

Rod's singing was fantastic & I really enjoyed the show, singing away & dancing with the lady I was sitting next to. Towards the end of the show, Rod had a big bag of footballs lowered onto the stage & told the audience about his love for football. He then asked who wanted a football & as people shouted to him he would take a football out & kick it to them in the audience. With the last ball in his hands, he asked who wanted the last ball & looked around at me & the blonde woman sat next to me. He told her to stand up with her hands out in front of her. Laughing she stood up & held her hands out in front of her over the balcony, as she did Rod Stewart kicked the football up to her. Without moving a bit she caught the football that Rod had kicked into her hands.

I knew that Rod Stewart was a big football fan & that he was a pretty good player when he was younger but I couldn't believe he had kicked it into the ladies' hands. As she sat down I told her this & said that I was amazed that he had kicked it straight into her hands. She tucked the ball under her seat & started laughing, she turned to me & said 'I will tell you a secret, he practices this all the time when we are at home'. As she said it, I suddenly realized who this beautiful blonde woman that I had spent the entire show sat with, laughing & singing & dancing with was. I looked at her & said to her 'Your Rachel Hunter aren't you?', she replied that she was. I then said to her ´I don't suppose I am supposed to be sat here either am I´. Laughing she told me that I wasn't really but she didn't mind, especially when she heard my accent & realized that I was English.

The show was fantastic, there were many people that really enjoyed the show but how many of them can say they spent the night singing & dancing with the wife of Rod Stewart.

Rachel Hunter was a fantastic lady, did I already say very beautiful & she was very kind to me letting me stay & showing me to a seat next to her. Rod, you have had many beautiful wives but Rachel was beautiful inside as well as outside & has a truly lovely heart & personality, so glad I went to your show & got to meet her.