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21 July 2024
Alan Morris, Long Beach, California.

I took my Uncle Dave with me to America in 2012. This would be his first visit to most of the places we would visit. The tour started with a few nights at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, California.

It was a nice hotel in a good position to get out and see more of the city. On our first morning, we had a coach tour of Los Angeles before being left to do what we wanted.


As part of our guided tour of Los Angeles, we spent some time in Hollywood. I had been there a few times already, but as Dave had not, we went to Grauman's Theatre & looked at the stars' hands & footprints. It was a very hot day & we went to the nearest restaurant for a beer. I would like to say Katie, our server in Hooters, was lovely.

Long Beach.

On the second day in Los Angeles, I joined a couple of other people from the tour and took a train down to Long Beach. It was quite strange going through areas I had been to many years ago and seeing the changes. Doing it on a train was also strange, as I had only driven through Los Angeles. Before walking to the port area, we walked around the new restaurant areas in Long Beach, where we had lunch.