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20 July 2024
Augusta National golf club.

One of the places I have always wanted to visit is the Augusta National Golf Club. I love golf, but I do not want to play golf there. Just walk around the course to soak up the beautiful location.

Augusta National Golf Club.

The Masters' golf tournament is held annually at the Augusta National Golf Club and is one of my favourite sporting events. I loved to play golf when I was younger and fitter and it has always been high on my bucket list to walk around the grounds of Augusta. I know it is a private golf club, and there is no way they would let me play golf there. It is far too hard for me to want to play there, but it is on my bucket list as a place I would like to visit.

Augusta National was founded in 1932 by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts on a 365-acre site, which used to be a former nursery called Fruitland. Augusta is known for its well-maintained appearance and is most widely known for its azaleas and dogwoods.

I have watched The Masters golf tournament there, on television, for many years, and when we get a camera located on the course that shows off its slopes and hills, I am always amazed at how anyone could control a golf ball around the course. The greens especially look very different from the flat greens I have played worldwide.

I think, ideally, my bucket list dream for the course would be to walk the course with a putter and then, from 50 yards off of each green, throw a golf ball onto the green and putt it out. Even doing this, I would be fortunate to get a par on any of the holes. Maybe my golfing hero Tiger Woods could walk around with me, giving me tips on reading the greens.