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29 May 2024
Alan Morris swimming with a dolphin.

  I guess swimming with dolphins would be on most people's bucket list. I managed to swim with dolphins at Discovery Cove, Sea World in Orlando, Florida, in 2004.

Swim with dolphins.  

I went to SeaWorld in Orlando with my mum, dad, my sister & her partner & my niece. We were all able to swim with the dolphins at Discovery Cove.

We were split into groups as my Niece Holly was too young to do it. I am really pleased to say that my mum & dad got to do this & always remember it because my dad was unwell this day & after swimming with the dolphins I took him back to my home in Orlando. He wasn't to live much longer; he died the following year, so I'm glad he got to do it & glad I was there to see him & my mum both swim with dolphins.

At first, we went into the same pool as the dolphins & they were swimming around us & playing almost as soon as we went in. As a group, we were all introduced to the dolphins & then, one at a time, we all swam with the dolphins. I was amazed at how powerful they were. The dolphin that pulled me around the pool moved as if it were powerful enough to pull three or four people my size around with no difficulty at all.

I think the thing that also sticks in my mind from this experience is the smiles on the faces of the dolphins. It was almost as big as the smiles on the faces of the people swimming with them. After the swim, my dad told me he was not feeling well, so I took him back to my home in Orlando, leaving the others to enjoy their day. It would be my dad's last holiday, as he died 4 months later, so I am really glad he could do this with us.

I would still like to swim with dolphins in open water, perhaps this will happen someday.