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26 May 2024
Sharky wine glasses

The week started off with meeting my friends & getting my push bike running again. Midweek was time to see an old friend who came to stay for a couple of days & the week ended waiting to hand over keys to a neighbour's flat.

Week 13 of 2023.

Monday, 27th March.

I had arranged for Dave to come around & help me to get my bike & pump to the local bike shop. I had bought a pump from it when the tyres went flat & the store owner pumped the tyres up for me on the bike, about a year ago. Because of the problems I have with swollen legs, I have not been able to use the bike much & when I went to use it again the tyres were flat. I had been trying to pump the tyres up but I couldn't work out how to use the pump. 

Feeling very stupid for not being able to work out how to use the pump, I asked four people to look at it, but no one could help me. When Dave helped me get the bike & pump to the bike shop the owner of the shop fixed the problem in seconds. Apparently, there was a bit missing from the pump which meant it would not work. I explained that I had bought the pump from him & not been able to use it since he pumped the tyres up. He took the pump to the back of the shop, fixed the pump & got it working & I was on my way again.

When we left the bike shop we went to Pizzeria La Sombre to meet Martin for a couple of beers before Dave then took me & the bike home.

Tuesday, 28th March.

I was in two minds whether or not to go out on my bike this morning now that the tyres had been inflated. Unfortunately, I hadn't checked the battery & it was as flat as a pancake. I had bought the bike to help me get home when my legs were swollen or my ankles or knees were not up to the job but without the battery, the electric assistance wouldn't work. The bike remained locked to my kayak in the garage & I took my disability scooter to meet Martin at Pizzeria La Sombre.

Martin & I chatted for a while & were joined by June, Dave & Viv before we all departed & went our own way home. On my way home I got a couple of rolls & stopped off at Rocco´s bar to see the owner Rachid. He had given me some advice about my visit to Morocco & I wanted to tell him about my trips to Tangier which I really enjoyed & Casablanca which I hadn't liked so much.

After chatting with Rachid I went home to my apartment & prepared for the arrival of my friend Chris tomorrow, I had to get the spare room cleared up so he could use it.

Wednesday, 29th March.

My friend Chris arrived for a couple of days today. I tidied up the spare room so he had room to get in & then waited for him to arrive.

Chris arrived just after 2 pm & we chatted for a while before going to the Buena Vista restaurant on the promenade near my apartment. The meal was very good & afterwards we head back to the Chiringuito El Lobo next to my apartment to sit in the sun & catch up over a couple of beers.

This evening we decided to head up to Rio Nalon for a pizza. We were very disappointed to see that the majority of restaurants were not open & that we couldn't get a pizza anywhere. Many of the bars were closed but The 19th Hole, a fairly new Irish bar, was open. We stopped in for a pint of Guinness before heading back towards the apartment. We had previously noticed that the Buena Vista restaurant did pizzas so we stopped there for a pint & a pizza. Once again the food & service was very good.

Thursday, 30th March.

This morning we decided to go to the Buena Vista restaurant for breakfast. The large breakfast & coffee was very nice & set us both up for the day. In two days we have now eaten there for breakfast, dinner & supper & it was good every time.

lampranthusAfter we had finished breakfast Chris offered to drive me to the supermarket or anywhere else I needed to go. We went to the Mercadonna store where I got some groceries & a few household items I needed. We then drove to the Unica Garden Centre in San Javier. I bought myself a new Yuca plant to put in a large pot in the balcony garden at my apartment & a Lampranthus to put in a low pot to train to hang over my balcony.

This afternoon we sat in my apartment chatting & drinking. Chris had bought a bottle of pink gin that I have never tried before. I have to say it was very nice & we drank most of the bottle of Gin & all of a bottle of red wine I had left from a Bodega tour I went on last year. We made a toast to Chris's wife Carol, who passed away last year & was the reason Chris & I became friends. I had worked with Carol for several years in the payroll department of British Gas. When they got engaged in Florida, they both stopped at my apartment in Orlando overnight & we all had a great night at the Church Street Station entertainment complex.

This evening we walked to Rio Nalon & went into Roccos for a pint. We only meant to stay in for a quick pint but stayed until closing time chatting with lots of friends, including, Amanda, Marie, Paul & Wayne. When we left we went to the Square bar but it was closed so we all made our way home.

Friday, 31st March.

When we woke this morning we again went to the Buena Vista restaurant for breakfast. After breakfast, we went back to the apartment got some old stale bread & went & sat in the Mar Menor feeding the fish from our hands. The water was very cold but I sat in the water up to my chest feeding the fish for around an hour before getting out. We then sat at the chiringuito having a drink for an hour or so before Chris had to leave to go to Benidorm for the last few days of his holiday. It was sad that Carol couldn't have been with you but I enjoyed your company. Stay safe my friend.

After Chris left I had something to eat & went back to the chiringuito. After a while, I decided to walk down to La Playa bar for a quick pint & as I got up to walk there my friend Paul came by on his daily keep fit walk. I walked with him to the bar & then physically dragged him in for a pint. When Paul left I stayed talking to lots of other people I knew, including Derek & Janet, John & Mags, Gary, Ady & Carla, Shelley & anyone else who would listen. By the time I left, it was very late, I really should have left earlier. My legs were aching but I walked the short distance home & got myself a sandwich before going to bed.

Saturday, 1st April.

Today was a washing & football day. I spent the day at home watching football on the television & doing all my washing. I watched Manchester City beat Liverpool 4-1 to cut the gap between themselves & Arsenal to 5 points at the top of the premier league. 

The second game I watched was the Arsenal v Leeds game. Arsenal beat Leeds 4-1 to increase the gap between them & Manchester City to 8 points again. It was great to see Gabriel Jesus playing for Arsenal again & scoring again. He affects the Arsenal team a lot with his style of play & the rest of the team always seems to step up to another level when he plays. Today he scored from the penalty spot & from open play before being substituted after an hour.

Sunday, 2nd April.

I woke early today & finished doing the washing I started yesterday. Emptying my laundry basket & stripping my bed & the bed in the guest bedroom. The guest room will now be ready for my next guest.

Because I have to wait in to give a key to some guests arriving at a neighbours apartment today I can't go to Sunday Lunch with my friend June as I would normally. The guests are supposed to arrive at 2 pm so I have to forgo dinner out. I have a bit of steak at home & will have that after they have arrived & I have given them the key & shown them around the apartment.

Unfortunately, they still haven't arrived by 5:45 pm & because I am very hungry I put my steak on. Sure enough, as I am plating my food up the guests arrive & I have to let them into the apartment, & show them around the apartment & the garage. After they have been shown around I show them my apartment as well in case they need to find me for anything. I then go back inside & reheat my meal. I have steak & crab salad & even after being reheated it is still very nice.

This evening I binge watch a program called Alaska Daily, it is quite good & an easy watch, give it a try if you haven't seen it.