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23 April 2024
Chris Eubank vs Nigel Benn.

I met Chris Eubank in Brighton when I was at a friend's stag party. I had been invited to join my friend Richard Wickings at his stag party in Brighton.

Chris Eubank.

I went, along with Richard & his brothers, dad & lots of his friends, to stay in Brighton for a long weekend. On the 2nd day in Brighton, we all walked all over town, drinking in many of the pubs & bars. By the time the evening came around, we were all pretty merry. Richard, his brother & some of the group decided to go to a nightclub. Richard's dad Dave, his neighbour Tommy & myself decided to go for a meal instead. Whilst Rich & his mates all went hunting for a nightclub, me & his dad & neighbour Tommy went hunting for a restaurant.

The three of us found a restaurant & went in. Unfortunately, we were given a small table which was between the swinging doors of the kitchen & the entrance to the toilets. The food we had was okay but the service we had was very poor, add to this that every time either the kitchen door or the toilet door opened we got bashed by a door, we were very unhappy. After asking to move tables several times & not getting moved I decided to complain to the manager. Fueled by the day's beer I demanded to speak to the manager, I was told the manager was not there but the owner was sitting at the bar.

I was introduced to a man sitting at the bar & told he was the owner. It was none other than Chris Eubank. He asked me what the problem was & apologised for our table position, by this time we had finished our meal & moving wasn't an option. Chris sat speaking to me for a while, asking what we were doing in Brighton & telling us that he hoped we enjoyed the rest of our stay. He bought me a couple of drinks whilst we chatted sat at the bar & bought drinks for Dave & Tommy & went to talk & apologise to them as well. 

There are several things that I noticed about Chris Eubank that night in the restaurant. The first was how big his biceps were, I could not get my hands around them, & the second was that he spoke to me with no lisp whatsoever. He was very courteous when dealing with the complaint, I was not when I first made my complaint to him & for that, I should apologise. He took the time to speak to me & wished the three of us a good evening when we left.

We spent a lot of the next day telling Richard he should have come with us as Chris Eubank was one of his favourite boxers. A lot has been written about Chris Eubank's eccentricities & some of his behaviour, he did a lot of good for the poor & the homeless in Brighton which unfortunately never seems to be reported by the tabloid media in Britain. I had always admired him as a boxer but after that evening I can say that I also now admire him as a man. 

Chris Eubank was a British boxer. He held the WBO middleweight & super-middleweight titles between 1990 & 1995 & WBC International belts earlier in his career. 

As a professional boxer, Chris Eubank had a total of 52 fights, he recorded 45 wins, 23 of those by knockout, 2 draws & 5 losses. He was in my opinion one of the best boxers ever, he was a real showman.