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29 May 2024
Power plant next to the Costa Diadema where it was docked in Oristan.

Today I woke up in the port of Oristan in Sardinia, Italy.

Oristan, Sardinia, Italy.

I had no plans other than to walk into Oristana & have a look around today. Unfortunately, I did not feel well at all. I was still lightheaded, dehydrated & felt a little bit dizzy. Because of that, I decided to stay on board the Costa Diadema today. This morning I went to see a lecture on foot health & how looking after your feet helped with your general health.

The guy talked to us & made prints of our feet. From looking at the print & how my weight was spread on my feet he was able to tell me some of my health problems that I was already aware of. He then went on to show us how our balance was affected by our posture & balance. After showing us this he gave us a mold for our shoes & showed us how this improved our balance & posture. He explained how this would help our health & after trying it & being blown away by how much better my balance was immediately I & another man purchased the molds for our shoes. They were not cheap, costing €194, but if they help my balance & improve my health I will be happy to buy them.

I rested up most of the rest of the day, reading my Kindle, sleeping or just walking around the ship & looking out over the port. Whilst onboard, during the day, the highlights of my day were seeing lots of flying bugs outside, on one of the upper decks, looking at a disused building in the port & a very dry inedible burger at lunchtime.

This evening I met Gail for dinner but I was still not feeling that well & didn't eat much, I tried the Pumpkin soup & the Wild boar ravioli. The soup was fine but the ravioli was terrible. We did sit watching a large group of people who appeared to be trying to form some sort of blockade of the port but we never did find out what they were there for. As soon as Gail had finished dinner we walked to the Teadora lounge to meet Val. I had a couple of no-alcohol cocktails but was still feeling unwell & went back to my cabin at about 9 pm & I was asleep very quickly.

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