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16 July 2024
Alan Morris on the Costa Favolosa sailing to Tenerife.

Today the Costa Favolosa sailed across the Atlantic towards Tenerife.

Sailing towards Tenerife.

I woke around 7 am today & after having a shower & a shave I put my swim shorts on & walked to the pool on deck 9 at the back of the ship. I got myself a lounger next to the pool & then got myself a coffee at the poolside bar before lying down to read my Kindle for a few hours.

I was joined briefly by Mal for a short chat around 8:30 am before he left to get some breakfast & then went for a swim in the pool. Mal decided to come out to me, telling me that he was gay & that I was the first person he had admitted this to. I didn't like to tell him, but I think anyone who ever met Mal would have realised before he ever talked to them that he was gay.

It wasn't warm this morning, but it wasn't as cold as I was expecting either. The pool was more of a splash pool than a swimming pool & if 3 or more people were in it, it was too busy to do any swimming at all. I did a few short laps before getting out & going back to my recliner to read my Kindle & keep an eye on the wildlife around the pool.

I sat reading & drinking coffee until around 11 am when I went back to my cabin to change & then went to do two quizzes in the Palatino Grand bar. I was joined by Mal & Gail & we won one quiz out of two. Mal does seem to get very competitive about the quizzes even though he doesn't seem to know the answers to any of the questions.

At midday, I went for lunch & was joined by Gail, Dwight & Tessa. For lunch, I had Andalusian chickpea soup, pork ribs for my main, & banana with coconut cake for dessert. The soup was quite nice, the ribs were terrible, & the cake was good.

The afternoon was spent participating in several quizzes, reading my Kindle & trying several different cocktails before going to dinner at 7 pm. At dinner, I was joined by Mal, Rosa, Ann, Keith & Regina.

For my meal this evening I had salmon with avocado cream, cheese drops & crunchy onion for my starter. My next course was a fish & shellfish soup which was very nice. For my main meal, I had monkfish wrapped in ham, served on chickpea puree. It was rubbish the monkfish portion was two small pieces no bigger than a euro coin, it looked like someone had sneezed on the plate & served up a couple of snot balls. For my dessert, I had a ricotta cheese mousse.

After dinner, I went to the theatre with Gail, Dwight, Tessa & Mal. We all sat together in the lower deck of the theatre in front of the stage. Ann & Rosalea went to the show but sat on deck 5 to look down at the show from above. Before the show, we were introduced to some of the ship's officers & department heads as they appeared on stage. I thought this was unnecessary, in general, it would be the only time we had any interaction with them at all & it went on for far too long.

The singer who entertained us afterwards wasn't bad but he was quite openly as gay as they come & camped up every song. This ruined his act for me. He would have been better off just singing the songs & leaving his overtly gay costume & dancing backstage.

I didn't watch the whole show & went to the Moliere Lounge on deck 5 for a drink. When the show finished in the theatre I was joined by Anne, Gail & Mal. Mal had thoroughly enjoyed the show & thought the act was brilliant. It just goes to show that one person's idea of a good show can be completely different to someone else's. The show did seem to affect Mal, in that, he decided to tell everyone in our little group that he was gay. Well done everyone for looking shocked & surprised.

When the music finished I walked to the quiet bar next door to have a drink with Ann. We sat chatting until the early hours of the morning when Ann went back to her cabin & told me to get some sleep as I was going out with her daughter on an excursion in Tenerife the following day. I finished my drink & went back to my cabin, falling asleep as soon as my head hit my pillow. 

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