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16 July 2024
Alan Morris stood by the Costa Favolosa at port in Cadiz.

On day 4 of my holiday, the Costa Favolosa, docked at Cadiz, Spain & I went ashore for a prebooked tour.

Cadiz, Spain.

I woke up around 6:30 am as we docked in Cadiz, Spain. I lay in bed & fell asleep again waking up at around 7:30 am. I had a shower & then went to the buffet to get myself some breakfast. I felt I should be a bit more healthy this morning & just had some melon & yoghurt & washed it down with some orange juice. As I was eating breakfast I was joined by Mal & we talked for a while until I left to collect some things from my cabin before going ashore for my excursion in Cadiz. 

I got on the tour bus at around 9:40 am for a tour due to start at 10 am. As normal on these excursions, some inconsiderate arseholes didn't turn up till 10 minutes after the tour was due to leave. Sort yourselves out people.  

The tour was only short but I did enjoy it. We saw many things around the town & along some of the beaches. When we were dropped off back at the ship I had plenty of time to walk into the town to look around more but I didn't want to push my knee too much & went to get back onboard Costa Favolosa. 

I buzzed going threw the security x-ray machine & had to remove my belt as well as empty all my pockets. I walked threw a second time & was cleared to continue. When I picked up my belongings I realised someone had stolen my belt. Luckily one of the security people recognised the person in the line in front of me & followed them into the shop at the terminal & saw he had my belt. He stopped him & retrieved it for me & brought it back to me at the security point. What sort of person steals a cheap belt, he must have been drunk. 

After getting back on the ship I decided to go straight to the restaurant to have some lunch. I had a smoked salmon starter, then had a beautiful mushroom & cheese ravioli for my first course. My main was a very nice burger, a change from the normal dried burgers they serve onboard. For my dessert, I had a piece of coffee chocolate cake. After eating my cake I was finishing my beer & checking messages on Facebook when the waiter appeared next to me & handed me another piece of coffee chocolate cake. I can only assume he thought I looked too thin & needed feeding up. 

After eating my lunch I went back to my cabin to get a couple of hours rest before I went to one of the bars later to meet Malcolm to take part in one of the quizzes. 

At 3:30 pm I walked to the bar to make sure we got a table where we could see the video screen & when I had sat down I ordered myself a Bahama Mamama cocktail. We did well in the quiz and won it. 

After the quiz, I returned to my cabin for a rest before going for dinner at 7 pm. At dinner, I was joined by Mal, Rosalea, Ann, Keith & Regina. For my dinner I had a shrimp cocktail starter, my first course was pumpkin soup with toasted almonds, my main course was a pork knuckle medallion confit, Sicilian couscous with saffron & my dessert was white chocolate cream & forest fruits, blueberry gelee, wild berry cream, strawberry whipped ganache with orange streusel, I would have called desert a mousse. 

When dinner was finished I walked to the theatre where I was joined by Dwight & Tessa, Malcolm, & Gail. We watched a comedian & juggler called Terry Parade. He reminded me a little of Tommy Cooper & I found him very funny, he had me laughing constantly throughout the show. 

When the show finished we went to the Moliere lounge & were joined by Ann & Rosalea. We all sat chatting until the bar closed & then we all went back to our cabins.

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Photos from my visit to Cadiz.