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23 April 2024
Alan Morris on a segway.

  I think the first time I saw a Segway was on television. It was a policeman riding one somewhere & I thought straight away that I had to have a go.

Ride a Segway.  

I have managed to ride a Segway several times now & if I had the money, I would buy myself one. They are fun & easy to use once you have got the hang of them.

San Francisco.

The first time I went on a Segway was in San Francisco. I joined a Segway tour of the City. Going up the hills on a Segway was much easier than walking. It was a great way to see San Francisco. There were about 6 of us in the group being shown around & we saw a lot more & heard a lot more about the City from our tour guide than we would by doing it ourselves. It was strange as we became a tourist attraction for the day & people photographed us as we weaved through the downtown traffic around Pier 39 & the historic district.

At one point, I remember stopping at traffic lights next to one of those cars that bounced up & down. The driver had music booming out of his stereo & bounced up & down, showing off next to me. I turned to him & told him that it looked terrific but then asked him if he could do this. I then spun the Segway around on the spot & moved forward & backwards using just one finger. He started laughing so much that he missed the traffic light change & I managed to burn him off at the lights.

New Orleans.

New Orleans was the second place I rode on a Segway & as I had already used one before, I didn't have to do the 10-minute lesson before the tour started. Again, it was a great way to see New Orleans, a lot easier than walking, and our tour guide showed us a lot of things that I had missed on all of my previous visits & different tours. Again, we became a mobile tourist attraction, with people stepping into the street to take our photos as we passed by.


Savannah was another place that I was glad I did a Segway tour rather than a walking one, as it was too hot to walk far. The tour was fantastic & I saw more of   Savannah on a Segway than I would have done in a car, walking or from a tour bus.


I did a half-day   Segway tour of Madrid & it was fantastic. I was lucky that the tour included only myself, my friend Paul & our tour guide. He asked what we wanted to see & organised our tour around it. He even included lunch in a back street bar that we would never have found. We had a great time on this tour & even went both up & down steps crossing over a railway line whilst enjoying seeing everything we wanted to visit.

I can't wait to go on my next Segway tour & when I plan my trips now, I always look to see if there is a Segway trip I can incorporate into it.


I was fortunate on this   Segway tour of Cordoba. I was the only one on the tour & would have the tour guide to myself. She spoke excellent English & asked me if there was anything, in particular, I wanted to see. I told her it was my first time in Cordoba & asked her to show me as much of Cordoba as time would allow. In the two hours I spent with her we travelled all over Cordoba & she showed me many interesting places that I hope to get back & see in more detail.