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21 April 2024
Alan Morris & Paul Dunne on segways in Madrid.

After a large breakfast, we caught a taxi to where we were taking a Segway tour. We were a bit early, so we had a coffee in a local bar before returning to the Segway tour office.

Madrid Segway Tour.

After a quick lesson for Paul, we were soon hurtling off at a breakneck 4 mph. After a short trip, a view of the    Atletico Madrid football stadium & a little more practice on our Segways. Our guide took off the training mode & adjusted our machines to allow us to crank them up to 9 mph.

Our guide had asked us what we had already seen & after talking to us about where we wanted to go then adjusted the tour to suit us. There was only Paul & I in the group, so we got to see what we wanted & at our own pace. Madrid appears to be a much quieter, more peaceful & beautiful city than I had expected. The traffic in town is mostly underground or using the ring roads & is nothing like going around a large English city like London.

It was a very hot day & after about an hour, our guide took us to a sheltered spot for a 10-minute break. He reappeared from the back of a Café with olives, a Spanish omelette & two beers; it was about 11:00 am, so I guess it wasn't too early for the beer. After our refreshments, we continued to be shown around many areas, parks & buildings of interest.

After the Segway tour had finished, we went back to the office & were given photos of our trip. We then went to a local restaurant for lunch. I had Gazpacho & the best pig's cheeks I have ever eaten. They were fantastic. Refreshed & with our stomachs filled, Paul & I then went off on the Metro to the    Bernabeu Stadium, home of the Real Madrid football team.

After visiting the Nou Camp in Barcelona a few years ago, I think the Bernabeu is looking tired & don't think it would be allowed in the Premier League in Britain on safety grounds. I was very disappointed with the stadium & the tour, but as a new stadium is being built, I will reserve judgement until I see the new one. As far as a comparison with the Emirates Stadium, home of the mighty Arsenal, is concerned, the Bernabeu doesn't even come close.

After we toured the stadium, we retired to a nearby Irish bar for a few pints before returning to the Plaza Mayor for a few more beers before returning to our hotel.

We had a great day & I think Paul enjoyed his first Segway tour.