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23 April 2024
Whale breaking the surface of the water as it leaps.

I have been fascinated by the vast Whales that I have seen on television nature programs and by the Orca that I have seen at SeaWorld in Florida. I have always wanted to go to see them in their natural habitat.

Whale Watching.

Whale-watching tourism has grown substantially since the mid-1980s. Hoyt conducted the first worldwide whale-watching survey for the WDCS in 1992. Whale watching is of particular importance to developing countries. Coastal communities have started to profit directly from the whales' presence, significantly adding to widespread support for protecting these animals from commercial whaling and other threats such as bycatch and ship strikes using the tools of marine protected areas and sanctuaries.

My Whale watching trip.

In February 2024, I booked a cruise to cruise around Hawaii and then sailed to, and around Alaska. While in Alaska, I had booked a whale-watching trip.