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21 July 2024
A helicopter lands in front of Robin Masters house Photo: NBC

Since I was very young and used to watch Magnum PI, starring Tom Selleck, on television, I have wanted to see the Hawaiian islands. Some of my friends have been and they have all said what a great place it was to visit.

Vist the Hawaiian islands.

The eight main Hawaiian islands are:

  • Hawaii, aka The Big Island.
  • Maui, aka The Valley Isle.
  • Kahoolawe, aka The Target Isle.
  • Lanai, aka The Pineapple Isle.
  • Molokai, aka The Friendly Isle.
  • Oahu, aka Gathering Place.
  • Kauai, aka The Garden Isle.
  • Niihau, aka The Forbidden Isle.

All except Kahoolawe are inhabited. As a kid, I just loved the landscape of the islands and wanted to visit to see some of the volcanic islands' beautiful flora, wildlife and landscapes.

In January 2024, I finally decided to go to Hawaii and, at the same time, also visit Alaska, another place on my bucket list. I booked a cruise that would leave Honolulu on the island of Oahu. It would cruise around the Hawaiian Islands before sailing north to Alaska and then around Alaska before ending in Vancouver, Canada.

Hawaii and Alaska cruise.

Photos from Hawaii and Alaska Cruise.