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24 April 2024
Sarah Gay, 3rd Great Grandmother of Alan Morris.

Sarah Gay was my 3rd great-grandmother.

Sarah Gay.

Birth of Sarah Gay.

Sarah Gay was born in 1817 in St Lawrence, Exeter, Devon, England.

Marriage of Sarah Gay to John Estherby.

Sarah Gay married John Estherby.

Children of Sarah Gay & John Estherby.

  • Emma Jane Estherby. 1844-
  • Fanny Estherby. 1848-1883.
  • Richard John Estherby. 1851-1915.
  • James Gay Estherby. 1853-1936.

Census records for Sarah.

I found Sarah in the census records for 1851. 

1851 Census taken on 30 1851.

This census was taken in St Pancras, London, England & shows the family living at Gough Street.

Name.Relation to Head.Age.Occupation.Birthplace.
John Estherby. Head.  30.  Painter & decorator (journeyman).  St Martins, Middlesex, England.
Sarah Estherby.  Wife.  34.    Devon, England. 
Emma Estherby.  Daughter.  6.    Exeter, Devon, England. 
Fanny Estherby.  Daughter.  3.    St Pancras, Middlesex, England. 
Richard Estherby.  Son.  0.    St Pancras, Middlesex, England. 

Death of Sarah.