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21 April 2024
Raymond Daniels, great Uncle of Alan Morris.

Raymond Daniels was my great Uncle on the paternal side of my family tree.

Raymond Daniels.

Raymond was born in 1933 in Glamorgan, Wales to Samuel Daniels & Hannah Burrows. He passed away in February 2014 in Dorchester, Dorset, England.

Marriages of Raymond Damiels.

Raymond was married at least twice. He was married to Joan Croft, & to Joan Cross whom he married in October 1980 in Weymouth, Dorset, England.

My memories of Raymond Daniels. 

I remember meeting Raymond many times when I was younger. I believe he stayed with us on a few occasions when I lived in Fareham, Hampshire, England.

When Raymond was getting married once, my father & I were staying with his brother Ivor & his wife Marge for the wedding in Portland. I remember the morning of the wedding there were lots of people all over the house. There was a wedding car parked outside ready to go to the Church & Raymond came in looking a bit flushed. He asked Ivor if he could speak to him privately & everyone left so they called talk. All that is except my dad & I, Ivor told his brother that we should stay & listen to what he had to say. Raymond then confessed that he couldn't get married as he was still married to someone else. He had married years before & not gotten divorced. As you can imagine there was uproar when the family found out, the poor lady he was supposed to marry in the next hour, lived opposite Nunk & Marge. The wedding was swiftly called off. I can't remember what happened next, but I will always remember Raymond for this reason.