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29 May 2024
2021, week 44

Week 44 of 2021 started with me in bed in my apartment in pain, & ended up with me back in the hospital questioning why I was ever released.

Week 44 of 2021.

Friday, October 29th.

Today I spent most of the day in bed, I was in a lot of pain & have been told I can only take 3 paracetamol a day.

Saturday, October 30th.

I was in a lot of pain again today but was cheered up by being able to watch the Leicester v Arsenal game from the bed which is now in my living room. Arsenal won 0 - 2 & the scoreline did numb my pain a little.

Sunday, October 31st.

Once again I am in a lot of pain today but I can watch the  Arsenal ladies play Brighton ladies. Arsenal ladies win 3 - 0. This afternoon the pain gets too much & whilst going to the toilet I notice that blood is dripping from the wound in my stomach. I make the decision to try to get back to the hospital as I am worried something is wrong.

I am unable to get an ambulance using the phone numbers on my ASSSA insurance card, I message my neighbour Liz as she speaks Spanish & may be able to help me get an ambulance. After a lot of trying an ambulance is called but the driver won't take me as my insurance is private & he can only take state health patients. He calls the numbers on my insurance card & after a lot of arguing he gets an ASSSA ambulance to come out.

The ambulance driver stretchers me out to his ambulance but will not take me to the hospital unless I pay him €70 first. I pay him the money & get a receipt to claim the fee back from ASSSA.

On arrival in hospital, I am taken to a room, put on antibiotics & pain killers & have the wound in my stomach, from the hernia operation cleaned. One of the staples is removed from the wound & I have lots of blood taken for different tests. Later in the night, I am given extra painkillers to help me sleep.

Staples in stomach of Alan Morris

Monday, November 1st.

I woke up in pain & throughout the day I am drip-fed painkillers & antibiotics & have more blood tests. 

Tuesday, November 2nd.

I woke early when they change the antibiotics & painkillers in my drips. I am still in a lot of pain. A Dr tells me that I will be seen by the surgeon again this evening so he can maybe remove another one of the staples in my stomach.

This evening my bed is pushed down to the small room where they prepare you to go into the theatre. It is not long before I am pushed through to the theatre. The surgeon looks at the wound & I am given an epidural which quickly paralyses me from the chest down. A sheet is placed in front of my face so that I can't see what is going on. I am not knocked out this time, although I can't feel any pain I am aware of everything they are doing as they remove the staples & then prod, poke & manipulate the wound. They sow me back up but quite amusingly they have not been able to get a needle into a vein in my arm to take blood samples & reconnect the antibiotics & painkillers. After around 8 goes the surgeon himself has ago & is able to find a vein to connect me back up to a drip.

I am wheeled back up to my room where I am given more painkillers before falling asleep.

Wednesday, November 3rd.

I am awake early as they change the drips in my arms & feet which are now feeding me antibiotics & painkillers. I have a tostada for breakfast & shortly after a nurse arrives to change the dressing & clean the wound.

I ask the nurse to photograph the wound, as it is swollen I can not see what it looks like. I am surprised to see a flat piece of rubber tube coming out of my navel. She then uses a large needle to inject something into the wound to clean it, this is quite painful but not as painful as it was before the second operation. 

 Stitches in belly of Alan Morris

Thursday, November 4th.

I woke early & I am given antibiotics & painkillers. After breakfast, a nurse cleans the wound by squirting some sort of brown fluid into it & around it before then cleaning it & redressing it. It may be because of all the drugs & the boredom of a hospital stay, but today after having the wound in my stomach cleaned again I allow my alter ego, Agent Sharky, to take over my posts for the duration of my stay in the hospital, Agent Sharky will be making regular Fisher made an aborted rescue attempt today, it wasn't successful but he promises to try again soon.