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24 April 2024
2022, week 44

The week started off in Rome, Italy before continuing on to Naples, Italy, Palma on Mallorca, back to Valencia, Spain & then onward to my home in Los Alcázares.

Monday, 31st October.

Today, on   day 4 of my cruise, the ship approached Rome where I would disembark & go on an escorted tour to the City.

Tuesday, 1st November.

Today, on   day 5 of my cruise, I arrived in Naples, Italy & did a walking tour around Pompeii.

Wednesday, 2nd November.

On   day 6 of my Mediterranean cruise, I spent the day onboard the Costa Toscana, my cruise ship as we sailed towards Palma, Mallorca. 

Thursday, 3rd November.

On   day 7 of my cruise, I arrived in Palma, Mallorca & I went ashore to do an escorted walking tour around the City.

Friday, 4th November.

Today was the day I arrived   back in Valencia from my Mediterranean cruise. When I eventually arrived back in Los Alcázares I was dropped off at The Arches & went to Pizzeria La Sombre to have a beer & wait for my lift home from my friend Bernard.

I ordered a beer & decided to get a pizza to take home with me. As I sat drinking my beer Bernard called to let me know he would be 20 minutes so I ordered another beer & decided to have a slice of the pizza. As soon as I opened the pizza box & took a bite from one of the slices, the waitress told me that I could not eat my pizza there as I had ordered it to go. There were only 3 other people sitting outside & no one inside, so quite who I was harming, eating a slice of the pizza that I had bought there, I couldn't work out. I put the slice of pizza back in the box finished my second beer & waited for Bernard.

Bernard arrived a short time later & I was very quickly back at my apartment. I warmed up my pizza, ate half of it, & then unpacked my suitcase. I spent the rest of the day with my feet up on the sofa. After all the walking I had done on the cruise my right leg was about twice the size it normally is, so I took some painkillers & hoped it would go back down once I had rested for a few days.

Saturday, 5th November.

I woke up around 4 am today. I got a coffee then put my dirty washing from my holiday into the washing machine to clean. I then checked all my messages before I began to type up some of my holiday details for my blog on the cruise.

I seem to have caught a cold to keep my aching legs company so I spend most of the day resting on the sofa, watching football on the television & taking lemsip tablets & lemsip drinks. For dinner, I warm up the remaining half of the pizza from yesterday & eat it.

Sunday, 6th November.

I woke up with a blocked nose but the swelling on my leg has gone down considerably. I get a coffee, work on photos & videos from my holiday before putting them on my website & then take some more lemsip tablets.

At lunchtime, I watched the Chelsea v Arsenal football match. Arsenal is by far the better team & wins 0-1. I think Arsenal still need to strengthen the squad in January & I hope that they buy a good striker to help them score a few more goals, I think Gabriel Jesus is fantastic but the team needs another quality striker. The win takes Arsenal back to the top of the Premier League again, two points above Manchester City.