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23 July 2024
Alan Morris in Olinda, looking over the beach at Recife, Brazil.

This week was spent cruising across the Atlantic before we arrived in Brazil & visited Recife, Salvador, & Ilheus before ending the cruise in Rio de Janeiro.

Week 47 of 2023.

Monday, 20th November.

Today was the day the Costa Favolosa crossed the equator.

Photos from day 10 of my trip.

Tuesday, 21st November.

Today was another sea day before the Costa Favolosa docked in our first port in Brazil tomorrow.

Wednesday, 22nd November.

Today we arrived at our first port of call in Brazil & I did a guided tour around Recife & Olinda.

Photos from Recife & Olinda.

Thursday, 23rd November.

Today we arrived in Salvador & I went on a guided tour around. It was the worst trip I have been on, I didn't enjoy it & my legs started aching & playing up.

Photos from Salvador.

Friday, 24th November.

Today we arrived in Ilheus & I had a trip booked with Rosalea but because of the poor trips she had been on she cancelled it & stayed on the ship. Unfortunately for her, it was the best trip I went on & Tijuipe Waterfalls were brilliant.

Photos from Ilheus.

Photos from Tijuipe Waterfalls.

Saturday, 25th November.

Today was our last full day onboard the Costa Favolosa as we sailed towards Rio de Janeiro.

Photos from the Costa Favolosa.

Sunday, 26th November.

Today we arrived in Rio de Janeiro, some of my new friends left to fly home whilst Gail & I continued to Copacabana Beach for a 5-day stop there.

Photos from Costa Favolosa, Rio de Janeiro & Copacabana Beach.