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16 July 2024
Alan Morris on the Costa Favolosa sailing to Recife.

Today was our third day crossing the Atlantic Ocean on board the Costa Favolosa.

Atlantic crossing day 3.

Today was a quiet day for me onboard the Costa Favolosa. After getting up, I showered & then went for a coffee in the atrium bar. When I finished my coffee I went to the pool at the back of the ship on deck 9. I sat there reading my Kindle until around 11 am. 

When I left the pool area I walked to the Palatino Grand bar & watched some people, including Gail, taking part in a dance lesson. At 11:30 am Gail joined me & we sat & did a video quiz that was on next. We did very well getting 7 out of 10 & finishing in 2nd place. 

At midday, I went to the restaurant & sat with Dwight & Tessa for lunch. For my lunch, I had carrot & orange soup followed by chicken, vegetables & potatoes. The chicken was very overcooked & I didn't like it, leaving most of it untouched. I did enjoy the coffee cake that I had for dessert.

As we finished lunch we were approached by a man called Marcus, a German man, whom Dwight & Tessa had met previously. He joined us at the table & ate his lunch as we chatted. I thought I recognised him & it turned out that he had gone to enter ´The Voice´ singing competition that I had seen with Rosa & Ann. He had gone to sing & the people running it had put the completely wrong song on for him, I hadn't heard him sing but I had seen him attempt to before I left. He told me that after I left they did put a track on for him but that it was again not what he was expecting.

After lunch, I returned to the pool & got a non-alcoholic cocktail that tasted of strawberry & had whipped cream on it. It was very nice & I had another one as I sat in the sun reading my Kindle.

At 2:30 pm I decided to try & find the gym again. Thanks to the directions Rosa had given me I was able to find it today. There was hardly anybody in the gym & I was able to find a cycling machine facing the bow of the ship that had a great big glass window in front of it that would give me a great view as I sat on the cycle machine. As anyone who knows me would be aware, I am not used to using gym equipment but I found the hardest part of my exercise was working out how to push the cycle seat back into a position that was comfortable for my long legs. Once I had figured it out I exercised for around 40 minutes before leaving & going back to my cabin for a rest & a shower.

At around 4 pm I walked back to the Paltino Grand Bar for the trivia quiz. I decided not to join Mal & the team because Mal had begun to drive me up the wall & it had stopped being fun. I instead sat away from them on my own, but I was soon joined by Dwight & Tessa. We had a great laugh doing the quiz, we did quite well getting a fairly high score but the quiz had been a success for me because I had had such a good laugh.

When the quiz finished I walked to the Camelot wine bar & sat listening to the music & reading my Kindle before going through to the restaurant at 7 pm. For dinner, I had a very nice onion soup. My main meal was supposed to be prime rib which was my favourite steak when I lived in America so I ordered it. I was very disappointed with it, it was nothing more than sliced beef in a spicy gravy with mashed potato. For dessert, I had a very good coconut flan.

After dinner, I went to the theatre with Gail & sat with Dwight & Tessa to see the ´Circus Show´. Once again I was left disappointed. Whilst the main singer was undoubtedly a great singer the performers dancing around her were off-putting & did nothing for the show. The magician & juggler who I had seen before, was very good but again there seemed to be no connection between the songs & routines.

After the show, I went to the quiet bar on deck 5 at the back of the ship to get a drink before I walked across to the piano bar. When I walked in I saw Marcus who I had met earlier so I sat talking & drinking with him for a while before we both walked to the piano bar. When the music in the piano bar finished I went back to my cabin for an early night at about 1 am.

View today's menu from the Costa Favolosa. (The date on the menu is incorrect but this is the menu for the 18th)

Photos from day 8 of my holiday & day 3 crossing the Atlantic.