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20 July 2024
Alan Morris, on deck on the Costa Favolosa.

Today was our fourth day crossing the Atlantic Ocean on board the Costa Favolosa.

Atlantic crossing day 4.

Today was another quiet day onboard the ship. When I got up at around 7 am I had a shower before going to the buffet for breakfast. I wasn't particularly hungry & just had some cereal with fruit covered in yoghurt & milk. I washed it all done with some orange juice. After breakfast, I walked to the pool at the back of the ship on deck 9 & sat there reading my Kindle for a few hours.

At 11 am I met Gail at the Palatino Grand bar to do the first quiz. Before we started Gail introduced me to a lovely little drink. Hot chocolate with Baileys, it was beautiful & became a regular drink mid morning & before the quiz. We were joined by Darrel & Mal & we did very well  & had to do a tiebreak to win the quiz. Darrel gave us the answer to the tie-break question & then left quickly in case it was wrong. It wasn't wrong & we won the quiz. The quiz was immediately followed by another & as good as we were in the first quiz we were bad in the second. The second quiz consisted of different countries' national anthems being played to us & us having to write down the country it belonged to. Unfortunately, the anthems were all played by brass bands & we only knew one of them. As it happened we didn't do as bad as we thought as the two teams that were tied for first place only got two answers correct.

At lunchtime, I decided to go to the buffet for something to eat. I got myself a nice salad & followed it up with some pork chops, Chinese chicken in sweet & sour sauce with sweet potato & vegetables. It was all very nice & I quite enjoyed it all. Even the view from the table I sat at was quite pleasant, looking out across a blue calm Atlantic Ocean.

After dinner, I had a short siesta before going to the main pool on deck 10 where I sat reading my Kindle.

I had not drunk my bottle of fizzy wine that I had been given for being a Gold member on board ship so before going to the Palatino bar for the quiz at 4:30 pm, I collected it from the fridge in my room & took it with me. I was joined at the quiz by Dwight, Tessa, Gail & Darrel & as we opened the wine Mal appeared & accepted a glass of wine before going to join his team for the quiz. We did quite well again but we would not be winning any prizes for our knowledge. We would certainly have been in with a shout of winning the prize for the team that laughed the most though.

After the quiz, I went to the theatre with Rosa to see a show that had been put on for the Costa Club members. It wasn't so much a show as a pat yourself on the back appreciation party for the rich people on board who had been on enough cruises to win awards for the amount they travelled. If I had been on enough cruises to win a Costa hat or a certificate I would have been annoyed to have been made to go along & receive fake applause from other passengers who hadn't got as much money. I didn't stay long & Rosa & I went back to the piano bar for a drink before going to dinner.

For dinner tonight I had parma with melon, asparagus soup, followed by beef with spinach & garlic herb butter served on potatoes. It was all quite nice but was topped off by 3 desserts. When the waiter asked what I wanted I couldn't make my mind up which of the three to order so I asked for all three, which he did bring me. I ate a Brazillian bread & butter pudding, a milk chocolate cake & a kiwi mousse. All three were very nice.

After dinner, I went to the theatre with Rosa to watch the acrobatic show. It was very good & we both enjoyed it. I got quite giddy just trying to count how many times a girl hanging from a rope from the theatre ceiling above us, span around.

Video of the acrobats in the show.

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After the show, we went to the piano bar & listened to the music whilst we sat & chatted till around 1 am.

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