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24 April 2024
Alan Morris above the town of Malaga.

Today we arrived in Malaga in Spain. It was a place I had never been to & was not what I expected at all.

Malaga, Spain.

When I woke up I went for breakfast & then went to the coffee bar. I sat having a coffee whilst I waited for Helen. When we left the boat we got a bus to the port entrance & then walked around the town centre of Malaga for a while before heading towards the Roman theatre. After looking at the theatre we walked past the Cathedral of Malaga, through the Dark Gate Gardens & up towards the Gibralfaro Castle. The walk was too much for me & Helen had to stop to wait for me several times before we got to the top of the walk & paused to look back down & across the port of Malaga.

We then walked back down the pathway & passed through a tunnel under the Castle. We continued down the hill & when we got to the bottom, my legs were aching again. We stopped at Mercy Square in a small cafe for a tostada & a coffee & sat there until my legs ached a little less. From there we walked through a maze of streets in Malaga looking at all the different small churches & the great architecture of the buildings until we got to the dry riverbed of the Guadalmedina. We then turned back towards the port & the main shopping centre.

As we walked around Malaga we bumped into Kathy & Tony from the ship & we stopped for a quick chat with them discussing where we had been. We split up again & after walking around looking at many different places Helen & I stopped at the Atarazanas Central Market where we sat & had some tapas & a drink. After we left the market & walked back through Malaga we walked through a square called Point Constitucion that Helen had been to before. We stopped at a bakery called La Canasta that Helen liked on previous visits. It had a balcony overlooking the square so we sat upstairs on the balcony watching the world go round & shared a pastry whilst we had a drink.

When we finished our drink & pastry we walked back through the shops to the port. My leg was by now very swollen & I was in a lot of pain so I got the bus back to the ship whilst Helen walked back. When I got back on board the ship I showered & got ready for tonight's entertainment. I packed my case & then rested my leg as much as possible.

Back on board the MSC Lirica this evening, Lirica I joined Helen, Jean & Shaw for dinner. The meal was again very good & when we finished we went to see the entertainment in the main theatre. We went to the Beverley Hills Boulevard Bar to watch the entertainment there when the show finished in the main theatre. Jean went to her cabin fairly early & Helen walked her back to her cabin before returning to sit with me to have a drink & watch our last night's entertainment. When the entertainment finished we both went back to our cabins. I got back to my room at about 0:15 am & found a note telling me my luggage had to be outside my room at 11:30 pm. It would have been helpful to have had this in my room before I went to dinner. I placed my case outside & hoped that the porter would still collect it.

  Photos from my day in Malaga.