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21 April 2024
Peru flag.

Today, I flew from Heathrow in London to Lima in Peru via Madrid in Spain with Iberia Airlines. Getting to the airport was easy. Tony, a friend of mine, took me to Heathrow & because of a clear run, we were there an hour before we needed to be.

Fareham to Lima.

I had to sit at the airport for an hour before checking in. I sat wondering why a bottle of water that cost £0.50 in my local store could cost £2.50 at the airport & how the shops at airports everywhere in the world get away with ripping off thousands of travellers every day.

Iberia Airlines flew from Terminal Five at Heathrow as British Airways owned Iberia. I was checked in by British Airways staff onto my Iberia flight & connecting flight from Madrid in Spain to Lima in Peru. The person who checked me in was very helpful & even telephoned the airlines to check that my luggage would be checked through to Peru. This would later prove very lucky for me. Unfortunately, the flight to Madrid was delayed by two hours.

When the plane landed in Madrid, a garbled message over the speaker system on the plane told the passengers to disembark the aircraft at the back or the front of the plane, depending on whether they were getting a connection or not. I could not hear the message properly, but as I was at the back of the plane, I exited to the rear & got on a bus to a terminal. My luck was with me; I got on the right bus & I met a fellow passenger on my Peruvian adventure. Luckily, we had enough time between flights for the delay not to be a problem & still had enough time in Madrid to get a sandwich before catching the connecting flight to fly to Lima at 00:30 am on day two of my adventure.