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21 July 2024
Mississippi & Tennessee

We had already crossed and stayed overnight in Mississippi on our way to New Orleans, and we travelled across the Magnolia State again on our way to Memphis in Tennessee.

Mississippi and Tennessee.

I do not remember our journey across Mississippi or Tennessee. I remember getting to Memphis, where we would visit Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley until he died in 1977. Graceland was one of the places that I picked to go on our tour across America. I was a big Elvis fan and was excited about seeing where he lived.

When we arrived in Memphis, I think we stopped off at Sun Studios to see where Elvis Presley recorded some of his early records. I don't remember much about this apart from going up to the window of the studios with Mum and Dad and being very bored. We couldn't go inside and I wasn't very interested in it and was glad when we got back in the car to go to Graceland.

When we arrived at Gracelands we parked in a car park opposite and walked across to it. I remember my sister and I had our photo taken before the famous gates. Like Elvis Presley, the image was lost many years ago, but I still remember both. I was in awe for my entire trip to Graceland and remember walking around the grounds. You can read more about my trip to Graceland on the celebrity section of my website. This is because I got to meet Vester Presley whilst I was at Graceland. 

When we left Memphis, we headed West towards Arkansas on our journey onwards.