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30 May 2024
Aguilas Carnival performers.

At the start of the year in 2018, whilst taking part in a local quiz at La Zona mini-golf some of my friends asked me if I would like to go & see the Aguilas Carnival in February.

Aguilas Carnival.

I had no idea what it was but accepted the invitation to go with them on the coach trip. I then looked at the information I could find online about the Aguilas Carnival & having waited for the day of the trip to arrive it finally arrived. We boarded the coach in Los Alc√°zares & after a long drive for a relatively short distance, we arrived as the carnival was starting. Aguilas was packed & finding somewhere to get a good view was difficult.

I think I must have walked the entire length of the route the carnival took twice throughout the night. I will go again but I think next time I would go for a couple of nights, it was too much of a rush going there & back in one day & because we were on a coach & had to leave early, we missed the fireworks in the port area after the Carnival.

The parade itself was very good & I thought that it was well organised. The younger children that appeared in the parade were at the start of it & adults came after the children. This allowed the children to take part in the parade without having to wait around for hours for the parade to start.

  Photos of Aguilas Carnival.