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23 July 2024
Hannah Burrows, great grandmother of Alan Morris.

Hannah Burrows was my great-grandmother, she died 12 years before I was born.

Hannah Burrows.

Birth of Hannah Burrows.

Hannah Burrows was born on 2 June 1895, at 15 Cardiff Street, Llangeinor, Glamorgan, Wales. Her mother, Mary Jane Tincknell registered her birth in July 1895. Her father, Henry Burrows, occupation was a Colliery Labourer.

Wedding of Hannah Burrows & Samuel Daniels.

Hannah Burrows got married to Samuel Daniels at the Parish Church in Llaingeinor, Glamorgan, Wales. They got married on October 10th 1914. The wedding certificate shows that Hannah was living in Plasnewydd, Cardiff, Wales. Her profession was shown as a Domestic Servant & that her father Henry Burrows, was a Labourer.

The two witnesses on the wedding certificate were William J. Daniels, Samuel's brother & Rosie Burrows, Hannah's sister.

Hannah Burrows & Samuel Daniels marriage certificate.

Children of Hannah Daniels & Samuel Daniels.

  1. Wyndham Gwyn Daniels. 1914-1968
  2. Doris Irene Daniels. 1916-1967
  3. Samuel John Daniels. 1917-1949
  4. Joseph Daniels. 1920-2004
  5. Phyliss Rosina Daniels. 1923-1996
  6. Cyril Daniels. 1927-1962
  7. Ivor Brinley Daniels. 1929-1995
  8. Raymond Daniels. 1933-2014

Census Records for Hannah.

I found Hannah on the census in 1901, 1911, 1921 & the 1939 Register.

1901 Census taken on 31 March.

This Census was taken in Llangeinor, Glamorgan, Wales. It shows the family living at 17 Tynewyd Row.

*Mary Jane was written down as just Jane on this census record.

Name.Relation to Head.Age.Occupation.Birthplace.
Henry Burrows. Head. 38. Below ground colliery labourer. Biddisham.
Jane Burrows.* Wife. 41.   Wedmore.
Henry George Burrows. Son. 16. Below ground colliery labourer. Chapel Allerton.
Elsie Burrows. Daughter. 13.   Chapel Allerton.
Sidney Edgar Burrows. Son. 11.   Chapel Allerton.
William John Burrows. Son. 9.   Ogmore Vale.
Hannah Burrows. Daughter. 5.   Ogmore Vale.
Rosina Burrows. Daughter. 2.   Ogmore Vale.
Ernest Joseph Burrows. Son. 1.   Ogmore Vale.
David Thomas Burrows. Son. 1 month.   Ogmore Vale.

1911 Census taken on 2 April.

This Census was taken in Llandyfodwg, Glamorgan, Wales. It shows the family living at 17 Aber Houses.

*Mary Jane was written down as just Jane on this census record.

Name. Relation to Head. Age. Occupation. Birthplace.
Henry Burrows. Head. 51. Colliery surface labourer. Chapel Allerton, Somerset, England.
Jane Burrows.* Wife. 54.   Wedmore, Somerset, England.
Sidney Burrows. Son. 21. Coal miner/hewer. Ogmore, Glamorgan, Wales.
John Burrows. Son. 19. Coal miner/hewer. Ogmore, Glamorgan, Wales.
Hannah Burrows. Daughter. 15.   Ogmore, Glamorgan, Wales.
Rose Burrows. Daughter. 12. School. Ogmore, Glamorgan, Wales.
Joseph Burrows. Son. 11. School. Ogmore, Glamorgan, Wales.
David Burrows. Son. 10. School. Ogmore, Glamorgan, Wales.
Reggie Burrows. Son. 7. School. Ogmore, Glamorgan, Wales.
Olive Burrows. Daughter. 3.   Ogmore, Glamorgan, Wales.

1921 Census taken on 19 June.

This Census was taken in Llandyfodwg, Bridgend, Ogmore, Glamorgan, Wales. It shows the family living at 86 Oakfield Terrace, Nantymoel.

Name.Relation to Head.Age.Occupation.Birthplace.
Samuel Daniels. Head. 29 Colliery haulier, underground. Nantymoel, Glamorgan, Wales. 
Hannah Daniels. Wife.  26    Ogmore, Vale, Glamorgan, Wales. 
Wyndham Daniels. Son.    Ogmore, Vale, Glamorgan, Wales.  
Doris Irene Daniels.  Daughter.   Ogmore, Vale, Glamorgan, Wales.  
Samuel John Daniels.  Son.    Ogmore, Vale, Glamorgan, Wales.  
Joseph Daniels.  Son.      Nantymoel, Glamorgan, Wales.  
John Owen.  Lodger.  40   Labourer. Nantymoel, Glamorgan, Wales.  

1939 Register taken on 29 September.

This Census was taken in Chingford, Essex, England. It shows the family living at 24 Queens Grove Road.

Samuel Daniels. General labourer. 
Hannah Daniels. Unpaid domestic duties.

Death of Hannah Daniels.

Hannah died on the 31st of March 1955, in the family home in Chingford. She was cremated at Enfield Crematorium, Enfield, London, England in April 1955.